Star Wars Graphgan

This was my first attempt at a graphgan. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It also didn’t take as long as I thought it would. It did take me a little over 3 months, but I made a C2C blanket at the same time, and I moved during this time as well. So, if I had worked on it continuously I don’t think it would have taken 3 months.

Here’s where I found the pattern for this graphgan. It was a combination of these two graphgans. “A Galaxy Far Far Away” & “Stars Wars Blanket”. They used the same graphs so it was easy to just combine the patterns.

For my first attempt I think it came out pretty well.




What I learned: Use the same brand of yard of yarn for every graph. I used Red Heart super saver & Red Heart with love. I was hoping to make the graphgan slightly softer by using what I could of the Red Heart with Love. However, it didn’t work out that way. The Red Heart with Love is slightly thicker, so those graphs came out slightly bigger than the ones done just with Red Heart. In the end when I was putting it together some of the graphs wouldn’t line up nice and neat because of the size difference in the graphs. It was more noticeable to me.
Also, I wish I could have found some softer yarn to do this graphgan in. The graphgan came out a little on the heavy size because of the type of yarn I used. I think the graphgan would have came out a little heavy anyways cause of all the yarn it took to make it. But I think the Red Heart added to the weight.

Overall I was pleased with the outcome, and hopefully my nephew will be as well.


Hallway Make Over

We decided that the wood in the house had to go. So, its all being painted white! (Except the kitchen cabinets of course) So, here’s pics of our hallway before and during painting. I think the hallway looked a little drab, dull, & boring with the wood.  The white it making it come alive!

After all the trim and doors were white we decided to paint the lower half of the wall. The upper half has a cool wall paper with ivy on it & has kind of a texture shaping it like bricks. That’s staying for now.

We wanted to bring out more of the green from the ivy into the rest of the hallway, so we choose a light, fun green for the lower half of the wall. I think the colors all together make the hallway pop. It looks so bright & fun! We also changed out the light covers.
All the pictures on the hallway walls are our extended family. I love having pictures up for every to see.

Office Make Over

We have been doing more painting. This time my office. It started out a pale yellow with an ugly flowery border. (See pics below. First picture is from the listing, before we bought the house. But it shows the color of the room. ) Now it is bright teal with white trim. The closet had older bi-fold wooden doors, that are now gone! We hung a cute purple curtain over the closet opening that just pops with the teal walls. My homeschooling supplies are all organized on shelves inside the closet, my crafting shelves are in the room, all my pictures are up on the walls and my office/craft room is now complete.




My Weight Loss Journey

1 year ago! Sept. 2015


3 months post op


4 months post op


6.5 months post op


9 months post op


1 yr post op



Painting the new house


Sunroom/Master bedroom painted teal & light gray

Kitchen painted light gray & light blue.

Front/Entry room painted light gray & light blue. Still working on furniture for this room.

Newly finished bathroom. Teal & light gray.


Our New House

We bought our first house! Its a 3 bedroom with a sun & screen room. Surrounded by trees too!



Our New Car

We were blessed with the ability to purchase our first brand new car this year! 2016 Hyundai Accent! We love it!



Eric’s Cosplay/Halloween Costume

My creative son created his own Cosplay/Halloween costume this year. He is a character of his own design. We got most of the items for his costume from Goodwill. He can continue to wear it after Halloween for any cosplay/Anime events he attends. He also entered a costume contest as a local comic store that he frequents & he won! He was so excited! He took some pictures with one of his close friends as well as someone who came into the comic store dressed as one of his favorite characters, Dead Pool.


Eric’s 15th Birthday

Eric had a pretty good 15th birthday this year. Aaron made his cake and Eric mostly got books and coloring items. He was thrilled! He loves to read & do crafts.


Oat Box Crystal Radio

The boys have been learning about the FBI the past several weeks. One of their experiments was to make an Oat box Crystal Radio. My youngest, Eric, read the instructions while my oldest, John assembled the radio.


Crystal Radio Set supplies


John working on the Crystal Radio


John working on the Crystal Radio 1

John working on the Crystal Radio 2

John working on the Crystal Radio 3

John trying to listen to the crystal radio


We purchased our supplies from