Homemade Paper Bag Pinata

On another blog(don’t remember which one) I saw a posting about making a pinata out of a paper bag.  I thought it was a cute idea and decided to give it a try for my sons birthday. So I gathered all the supplies.

Paper Bag, Pinata Candy, Streamers, Hot Glue gun, glue sticks(20-30), scissors, and a picture.(Nascar)

Then you take the streamer and fold it over and over until it basically looks like this and is a few inches thick.

Then you want to cut the streamer about 3/4 the way through making sure the streamers stay straight. Repeat steps about 3 times per color streamer.

Once you have your streamers ready you need your bag(or bags) hot glue gun, glue sticks, and streamers.

start glueing the streamers from the bottom of the bag all the way to the top. Only put on glue on the solid uncut part of streamer. (You can use regular glue to glue the streamers on but I like hot glue and I don’t have to worry about it drying) If your using more than one color make sure you alternate them when glueing. Glue two or three lines of one color then switch to a different one.

Once you’ve glued all the streamers to the top it should something like this.

Now for the bottom of the pinata you have a few choices. You can not put anything on it, you can glue streamer on in a different design or have streamers hanging or I just took what was left of the ones I already cut and glued them on the same way as I did the side except I flared them out.

Oncw your done with the streamers you can glue a picture to the pinata if you choose. The picture I glued on was from the packaging from the centerpiece decor. It was kinda cardboardish so I just cut out the picture and used it. I think it looks cute. And my son is thrilled.

To hang it just use a metal hanger or string. What ever you got.

This whole project took about an hour to an hour and a half. And the cost was maybe $5 for supplies and thats mostly glue sticks.

The candy was $6.

But the memories will be priceless.


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