Workboxes on Display

Our Workboxes on Display. When we started using workboxes, over a year ago, we had a “school room” set up and all the workboxes, school supplies, books etc were in this room. With the boys getting older and asserting their indepedance a bit we have changed it up and adapted. The workboxes are now in their rooms. They are responsible for cleaning them out every Friday and not tearing them up, since I spent a week making them out of boxes, shaping the boxes. glueing construction paper on and attaching the pockets in the front.

This is my youngests school desk and workbox area. His boxes are always full. This picture was taken before he straightened it up. But you get the idea.

This one is my oldests work area. Can you see the difference? My oldest tried to be a bit more organized. Like the mini office on his wall? He got little boxes, cut them down and made shelves. He also took one box, flattened it and made his own tack board thing.

And heres his workboxes. Not as cluttered.



2 thoughts on “Workboxes on Display

    • Thank you! 🙂
      We are a frugal family. I took postal boxes and cut them down and decorated them. They took a lot more time than it would have to go out and buy some but it was a lot cheaper and I think things mean more when you make them by hand.

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