Baked Egg Cup

I am a subscriber to an amazing site called Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. She posts tons of great recipes. This one I wanted to try. Its called Baked egg cups. And they are yummy! All my guys loved them. They are great quick meals. You can even freeze them and have quick breakfasts for later.

I forgot to take pictures of mine this morning when I made them so I’m using Lynn’s. They came out the same way.


  • eggs
  • canadian bacon or thinly sliced ham
  • grated cheese

I just used the big round canadian bacon you can get at the store with the pepperoni.

I sprayed the pan with a bakers joy, which is basically a greesing agent and a flour in one spray can. Making sure not to leave any extra on the top. (It turns the pan brown if you leave it)

Then just placed the canadian bacon slices in the muffin pan.

Crack the eggs, one at a time into the canadian bacon.

Top with cheese.

Bake in the over on 350 for about 15 minutes. Dpending on where you live the time might vary a little. Check it every minute or two after 10 minutes. Stick a tooth pick or fork in the center to check if they are done. Sometimes the top will appear done but the inside isn’t. Also you can check for jiggliness. That would indicate its not cooked all the way.

And thats all. It quick, easy and so yummy!

Follow me for more great recipes.

You can head over to Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures for other great recipes as well.


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