3 Things Never to Say to a Homeschooling Mom

1. Aren’t you afraid that you won’t be able to give your kids everything they need educationally?


2. Are you concerned about your children’s socialization?


3. If homeschooling isn’t working out, you can always just put them in public (or private) school.


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3 thoughts on “3 Things Never to Say to a Homeschooling Mom

  1. I hate that last one!!! I have a well-meaning friend who wanted at one point to homeschool her own kids but it didn’t work out and she kept hers in school. Now if I mention that I am having a rough week, she invariably says something like “Well, it wouldn’t kill you to put them into school for a year if you need to. My kids are doing great.” Aargh!

    (And I am too nice to point out that her almost-12 year old still can’t multiply and hates to read, and that her 10 year old gets beaten up after class at least once a week.)

  2. Those kinds of comments really annoy me. I don’t understand why adults now a days think only a person who went to college and has been trained to teach can teach children. Parents use to teach their kids a long time ago. When did everyone forget to parent?

  3. I get number 2 because that was always my own personal reasoning behind why I would NEVER homeschool. But now that we are a homeschooling family I see that its not an issue. We are very active and my child is probly more socialized than most!

    In the end I think people mean well but their ignorance can be quite annoying.

    The best responses can usually be for number one, “HECK NO! If they were in school THEN Id be worried about them NOT getting everything they need educationally!” Shoot the idea of lumping a bunch of children together that are the same age and expecting them to learn the same things at the same rate is rediculous! It ends in children who arnt ready in some subjects being forced ahead and children who are ready to move ahead being held back. What kind of education is that?

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