The boys have set me off today and its not even noon yet. I am so frustrated with them. Mostly my youngest. He has been so rude and disrespectful this morning.

In our house we have what would be a den, well when we moved in it was the school room until the kids wanted their workboxes in their rooms, then it became the family room. Well, we never used it as a family room really so it became my room. A place for me to work on lessons, crafts, scrapbooking and I even have a TV in here. Well, theres no actual door and with the temperatures being so high we hung curtains on the door ways so the window unit air conditioners could cool off the room and not have to work so hard. Well, the kids know we use it like a door. When its open they can come in, but when its closed that means I’m working on something or just don’t want to be disturbed.

All morning my youngest has been walking in without knocking and just starts talking. Doesn’t ask if he can speak to me, say my name, nothing. Just as soon as he walks through the door his mouth is going. It irrates the crap out of me when I’m reading something  cause it messes me up.

I’m trying to teach him respect and everytime I get on to him, yet everytime he just keeps doing it. AAAAHHHH!

So, I’m already pissy by now and notice neither of them have bothered to water the garden this morning. This is something happens every single morning, unless by a miracle its rained the night before(Which has happened like once). So its not something out of the ordinary, its a daily thing. But do either of them offer? NO. If they can get out of doing something they will! It drives me nuts that I have to make them a todo list and a routine and write down every little thing they have to do in a day or they won’t do it. Its not a new routine, its something we’ve been doing a long time. But everytime I try to treat them like big kids and let handle what they’re suppose to do during the day, it doesn’t get done.

My youngest has even started a thing with the showers, since he’s turned 10 he showers nightly now instead of every other night. Stinky boy and all. He has always showered quickly. But he’s trying to set a record and see if he can get in and out in under a minute. Really?!  And when hubby tried to talk to him about it last night it started an argument, cause to my 10 year old he took a shower. So, it takes an argument to convence him he didn’t take one well enough. He didn’t get clean. My youngest thinks he right all the time. And when hubby or I try to talk to him about it it turns into an arguement cause my youngest will try to talk over us, get louder, and just keep talking until he gets his words out or wins. Of course the hubby being a guy that he is gets pissed when that happens. He starts complaining about lack of respect, etc. So, I’m in the middle trying to defuse the situation. I don’t wanna spank our youngest but sometimes I think he’s out of control when it comes to respect. Of course hubby has no problem spanking. So, here I am in the middle again!

AAAHHH! What to do. what to do?


One thought on “Frustration

  1. My almost 10-yr-old boy frustrates me on a pretty much daily basis. It would be nice if they did chores unprompted sometimes!! How is it going with them doing the boxes in their room?

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