Public School System

Today starts Lawton Public System’s first day of school. Kids waking up early and getting ready to learn. Well, my kids are sleeping in. Thank the Goddess. I am sooooo grateful that they don’t have to be subjected to that public school system anymore.

Last night I found out that 2 or 3 school didn’t have teachers. I don’t mean they were short one teacher, the kids could go to another classroom in the same grade,  and thinks would be worked out later. I mean as of lunch time yesturday some schools in Lawton that hd only one teacher per grade, had NO teacher for some grades! Seriously! Less than 24 hours before your kid is suppose to start the school year, and only a few hours before some schools had an open house, there was NO teacher! I have a friend who teaches for the school district here and she was told yesturday around 2pm that her school was over staffed by 3 teachers. They pretty much had one teacher per grade as well and they were over staffed. What the …? She was told that she was being moved to another school. She had to take down her room, put everything in her van and drive to her new school, set up her classroom and be ready to meet and greet parents within hours. Doesn’t that just instill confidence in the school system? Really? What were they thinking?

On top of that there was an article in the paper today saying 2 Lawton public schools are on the “warning” list by the state. And this isn’t the first year on it either.  A local Highschool does not have enough students in certian demographic sub groups to take standardized tests. What is that suppose to mean? Theres not enough diversity in the school?
They are also getting a warning for not having enough students graduate.

Another school, an elementary school, is in its second year on the list for deficiencies in reading scores. But say they brought their scores up last year.

The school district just closed 2 schools this year and plan on closing a third. Yet they have no budget, the teaching materials are pathetic, the books are soooo bad most teachers don’t even use the math book s available to them, the teachers ar going broke buying everything they need supply wise to teach thier students. Some class sizes are over 30 kids for K and 1st grades.

Doesn’t this instill all kinds of confidence in you and make you want to send your kid to public school, especially to public school in Lawton, where the public school system is failing? Whatever! I am so glad my kids have the chance at a good education.

Thank the Goddess I am able to homeschool mu kids!


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