A Simple womans day book

Outside my window…. It looks like its gonna be a bright, hot day. Perfect for washing the truck!


I am thinking…About all the lessons I have to plan today, chores, my to do list and of course the cub scouts drama thats going on.


I am thankful for…my wonderful hubby who has listened to me rant & rave for hours about scouts


Adventures in homeschooling… The kids are starting a new science curriculum this week from common press. Its called Discovering Molecules, Atoms and matter. ITs hands on and educational. Looks like they will have lots of fun.


New creations from the kitchen… Making my homemade potpie tonight for dinner. Yum!


I am creating…Lessons and lfe experiences for the kids


I am going…Crazy from all the drama and crazy  people around me.


I am reading…Dead until dark…if I ever finish that I will start The nine lives of Chloe King.


I am hoping…That everything blows over with the Cub Scouts, settles down, and gets straightened out.


Around my house…The boys are watching Saturday morning cartoons and hubby is watching his music videos


One of my favorite things…a quiet peacful morning before the kiddos wake up


A few plans for the rest of the week…Get more scout training and knowledge, make sure the lessons run smooth, make sure I have a calm peaceful week.


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