A Simple womans day book

Outside my window…. My boys just went outside to jump on the trampoline.


I am thinking… about changing my routine. I have always been one to sleep in until 9 or so. If I didn’t I would get sleepy during the day. Well, last week and the week before, I was waking up with hubby in the mornings, which is 6:15. Some mornings I would sleep in until 7 or 7:30 but no later. I would get up and go about my day. I got so much done and felt great too. Well, I started sleeping in again. I was so tired today I stayed in bed until 9. Now I feel crappy, I dont wanna exercise and I feel like I’ve lost half my day already.

I am thankful for…my family.


Adventures in homeschooling…the boys are doing great with thier lessons. They are adjusting to me cracking down on their handwriting. They dont like it but they dont like retaking all their notes either.


New creations from the kitchen… Tonight I am making Chicken, rice and broccoli casserole. This will be my second time making it. The first time my guys LOVED it!


I am creating…a new budget today. I mostly budget our money. We pay our bills, have money for groceries, etc. Then we have cash we carry with us for non grocery items. We do this cause if its in the bank we might spend it when we put up money for bills. If its there we can replace it later. (Which doesn’t happen or does then shorts us on our cash later) Not a good system. Plus we have cash for when we go out or pick up something for hubby and I. Well, sometimes we spend and forget where it goes. So, I want to budget our cash better. Be more detailed than I have been. With our income increase, our spending has increased as well.

I am going…the go crazy if I dont get things back on track


I am reading…dead until dark…still


I am hoping…that things go back to normal soon


Around my house…the boys have just come from jumping all sweaty…yuck. LOL. Now they are doing chores, then off to lessons.


One of my favorite things… when the house is quiet and I can get my stuff done


A few plans for the rest of the week… Tomorrow night the kids will have the store. They will get allowance and be able to purchase PS 2 games, DS games, books, sleep overs, stay up lates, movie rentals, stuff like that. Only if they have done all thier chores & lessons for the week to my satisfaction. We are skipping my youngests pack meeting this week. No need for that drama. The kids will be working on lessons the rest of week. Followed by dinner & movie night Friday. They will get a movie rental if all chores and lessons are done by the time their daddy gets home Friday. Hopefully this weekend will be better than lasts. The plan is to visit some museums and have some family fun time.


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