The right thing

Last night we were put into an unusual situation where we had to choose the right thing to do. We struggled with the idea with a bit then made what we believe was the right decision.
After our oldests scout meeting last night we had to stop by the store. We went in and got a few odds and ends to last the week. About 8 items or so. I only had one coupon to use. Well, the coupon scanned but didnt double. I asked the cashier about it and she said she didnt know and we checked to make sure the store card scanned and it did. So, she just kept scanning the items. I just let it go, but as I watched the monitor didnt look like it was moving. You know items being added. The cashier was scanning everything and it was beeping. Well, she finished and we had 3 bags and the total was $19.75. I thought it was a bit low. But ok, whatever. I paid and we left. As I get into the truck and am looking at the reciept I noticed that only one bag of taquitos scanned. I kinda laughed it off cause I was still commenting that my coupon didn’t double. (this is a store that double up to a $1 on coupons) Then I noticed other items are not on the reciept. Hubby starts asking about his cookies and such. They aren’t there either. It ended up that half out items were missing from the reciept. Yes we had them, but the register didn’t scan them. So, we were put in a bad situation. We talked about it as we drove. Made about a mile down the road and hubby and I both decided we needed to go back. So, we drove back to the store and talked to a manager. When the cashier saw us come in she thought we were complaining about our coupon not doubling. Nope. It took the manager and cashier a minute to understand what I was saying. But once they did, it was like a light went off in their heads. They were both thanking us for our honesty and the cashier was saying we were good loyal customers who come in all the time. Most people wouldn’t have come back. I told them that if it was a few cents or on small item that would have been different, but it was half our items and it didnt feel right at all. Plus what if the register did that to several customers. Thats not good for their business. They were in so much shock.  I know it was unusual but it was no big deal. I was just being honest. They rung up the items that didn’t scan and made sure I got the half of the coupon that didnt double and we paid and were on our way.

Yes we have kids, and yes they are scouts but thats not why we did it. We weren’t trying to set an example, yet that was a bonus, as we did discuss it later with the kids. But it was just the right thing to do. We paid and extra $12 for the rest of the stuff. So what. We planned on paying for it in the first place, why not now.
We might not always make the right decisions and we certainly have our faults, but at least we did the right thing this time! And thats what matters!

Im not bragging, Im just feel good about our decision. And wanted to share. Maybe it will inspire others. Cause this world sure needs some good inspiration!


One thought on “The right thing

  1. Great story and something similar happen to me at Walmart several years ago. The manager couldn’t believe I came back in to pay for the item ($19.95) It is nice to know someone else did the same thing but also sad that the managers of the store would be surprise as it isn’t the norm

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