Green Spaghetti Dinner

Tonight I made Green Spaghetti, Ham and steamed mixed veggie for dinner. Found the recipe on the Kraft Philly Cooking Creams site. I have tried a lot of their recipes, ALL with GREAT success.

In the past I put chicken in with the green spaghetti but tonight I thought we’d tried something different and just heated up some Ham slices. It went over really well with the hubby and kids.

I started by cooking up the onion, bell pepper, garlic and lettuce.

Heres the mixed veggies ready to be steamed.

Ham layed out on a flat pan for the oven. Easiest way to cook it.

Added a little brown sugar and honey to the ham.

Not too much. Then pop it in the oven while the rest cooks.We used white spaghetti noodles this time, but we normally have wheat.

Boil the noodles

Cooking cream ready to be added. This one little tub can sure make a lot.

Mix onions, bell pepper, lettuce, milk, cream and cheese and pour into a blender. Mix up until smooth then pour back into skillet. Theres the sauce. We started adding a little extra milk to make it a bit creamier. Add slowly. Tiny bit at atime until you reach your desired creaminess.

Then add noodles. Mix and warm up on stove. It comes out more green when you add more lettuce. (We don’t always add the 4 cups) We also didn’t use Romaine this time. Romaine makes it more green colored.

Ham cookin.

Ham and veggies should be done once spaghetti is warmed

Love our veggies

Yummy meal!

And even enough for hubbys lunch tomorrow…


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