A Simple woman’s day book

 Outside my window….

Its a nice 80 degrees early this morning. The kiddos are jumping on the trampoline. Morning PE, even on the weekend.

I am thinking…

About my massive to do list

I am thankful for…

My loving family

In my life this week…

It was super busy, and a little drama filled.

Adventures in homeschooling…

The boys finished California and the Maidu Indians this week. Math is getting harder. My oldest too the whole notes thing way too seriously and took like 5 pages of notes a day! So, his school work barely got done this week at all. He was so behind. His handwriting is improving with comstant supervision. My youngests handwriting is a work in progress. If he keeps his pencil sharp and takes his time he does fine. But he wants to rush through everything, handwriting, lessons, chores, etc. He so doesn’t understand the concept of notes. He copies the sentence. Which is a start, but I think I need to change his up a bit. Lots to work on and tweek.

New creations from the kitchen…

Cooking out on the grill tonight!

I am creating…

Lessons, and FUN!

I am going…

To lose my mind

I am reading…

Dead until dark

I am hoping…

For a smooth, calm, relaxed weekend.

Around my house…

The boys just came in from jumping on the trampoline and are doing chores.

One of my favorite things…

Starting, or restarting, a church youth group and a homeschool group.

What’s working/not working for us…

Stress, Cub Scouts, the kids handwriting and note taking are not working.

Boy Scouts, staying calm, spending time with my family is working.

A few plans for the rest of the week…

Lots of errands to run today while hubby is at work. Then some family time, followed by a grilling.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…


2 thoughts on “A Simple woman’s day book

  1. Hey, I just finished up 5 years of cub scouts (various leader positions) and it was always a big struggle for me. Just wondering if you’d be willing to share your struggles. I love the idea of cub scouts but found it to be exhausting.

    • My oldest started as a Tiger Cub. He joined the middle of the school year and the den had done nothing so far. I offered to help. When he moved up to Wolf I took over as den leader and stayed with him all the way through and crossed him Boy Scouts with his Arrow of Light. My youngest joined as a Tiger when my oldest was a Webelos. By this time a certain family joined the pack. It was ok at first. Then when I was asked to be Program Director for Day Camp things changed. The Day Camp Director was a grandfather in scouts for his grandkids and in the same pack. We worked together well at first. Until I found he was a perv. He would send me dirty texts, say inappropriate things and such. I would just ignore him. (He is old enough to be my dad) His daughter and I are around the same age. His annoyance contined for a while. He too over as Cub Master. And at a show in sell for popcorn he threated to cut sons finger off with his knife, that he pulled out and was holding next to his finger, just cause he was touching stuff in the store when he went in to use the restroom. (I found this out later) . He would make up his own rules as he went along, do what he wanted, cheat, be sneeky, etc. But as long as he got his union to donate money and items and he was being all helpful the council just ignored everything else.
      I finally reached my limit with him and started disagreeing with him. As soon as I started standing up against him and saying what he was doing wasn’t right he turned. He turned mean. He would do everything he could to piss me off. And get me in trouble. He even started raising hell over me wearing my religious necklace. He would tell me that someone said something about me and that person would tell me they never said anything. I finally just walked away from the whle thing. It wasn’t worth the stress. we were out of scouts for about a year and half. We came back for the kids. We werent left with many choices when we came back. The packs were dying. Our best choice was back in the same pack with the same guy. It was ok at first. He kept his distance and didnt bother me too bad. Well, we signed back up just before summer. So we did the summer activities with the pack. Then found out this guy, Cub Master, was removed for sending a dirty text. But then his daughter and wife were suppose to run the pack. No Cub Master, the COmmittee Chair was someone just on paper that her son is in Boy Scouts and never came to a Cub meeting. So, his wife and daughter we gonna run the whole pack by themselves with the old Cub MAster pulling thier strings. Telling them what to do. Of course I know that isn;t right. I offer to set up as Cub Master and the wife and daughter go nuts. They start bullying me and saying all kinds of things. Well, they are also telling district all kinds of lies about them taking cub master training and kissing their butts so the disctrict leaves them alone and lets run things how they want. I stand up against them and tell district everything. So, now disctrict is investingating the pack. More than they already were. They had been hearing negative things already. So, with me stiring up trouble the wife and daughter try to get a new guy to sign up as Cub master but tell him that the old Cub Master will still run the pack through him. The new cub master only do what hes told. The new guy isn’t liking that either. So, right now my son can’t attend his pack meetings, the other good pack is WAY across town and meets the same night and time as my oldests troop meetings. We only have one vehicle. SO, thats not possible. Its not right nor is it fair my son. All I wanted was for him to have a good program, not deal with people like this. (Sorry so long) (Lots of Drama)

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