My kitchen

I have been so busy this weekend with the kids lessons, menus, chores, etc, etc, etc. Well, today hubby and I got the itch. When I say we got the itch, we both, practically the same time, had the urge to rearrange and clean the kitchen. Usually, about the same time we get the notion to rearrange or clean something. Not something small. Something big. Like an entire room, a garage, etc. Well, today was the kitchen. Were just weird like that. lol. I know your probably thinking, how can you rearrange a kitchen. Well, we manage too. We moved the table, frig, deep freeze, snack shelf, baking shelf and water cooler. Our  eat in part of the kitchen was feeling cramped. So, we moved the deep freeze into the main kitchen, moved the water cooler to another wall, moved the frig to another wall, and moved the snack shelf and baking shelf to another wall. AS we moved applicances we swept and mopped under them. We also rearranged a little of the wall decor. I never remember to photo before but heres after.


 Heres the freezer. We have this space next to the counters that is too low for a frig really wide. Its weird. We had it here before but moved it last time we rearranged. So its back.

Next to the deep freeze is a shelf that use to hold our router, motem, and phone. Now it just holds my great grandmothers handmade crocheted watermellons. lol. and my aprons.

This is the kids new snack shelf. They use to use a shelving system we had on the wall. But we recently found this, someone was throwing it out. Its in great condition.  This is sits at the other of the kitchen opposite the freezer, next to the counter thats next to the stove.

 This is where the frig use to sit. But it made the eat it part feel cramped when you walked into it. So now the water cooler and my baking shelf sit there. That is a rolling shelf that hold all my baking items. Around the holidays I bake homemade banana bread, oatmeal cookies, make Peanut Butter Balls, candy, and more.

Heres the table and chairs. Hubby put the leaf in the table so wed have more room. Its works prefect. I LOVE my “lettuce alone” green walls. It makes my kitchen so calming. Wish we could get rid of the paneling, but its a rental. 😦

This is the whole eatin part of the kitchen. Picture looks small but theres quite a bit of room actually. Hubby even dusted the fan blades. Yeah!

Here are our kitchen manners. Wash hands, no burping, etc.

 And of course my kitchen can’t be complete without a witch flyin around. LOL.



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