Organizing and Snacks

I don’t know about anyone else but I have 2 growing boys who think they need to eat 24/7  and can’t have a “normal size” serving when they do. They also don’t make good snack choices. So, I have been planning 2 snacks a day for them for a while. I include as mush fruit & veg as we can afford and fill the rest with snack crackers, homemade oatmeal cookies, muffins, homemade chex mix, home popped (not microwave) popcorn, graham crackers and such. They have a “snack” shelf that is just for them. Well, them being boys are they are didn’t keep it very organizied and I got tired of “guessing” how many servings I could get out of the crackers, grahams and such, so per a suggestion previously made by hubby I  seperated their snacks and put them into snack size baggies and in a plastic basket. I even cut up the celery planend for this weeks veg and place them in snack size baggies in the frig. It looks so much better and I don’t have to worry about the kids getting too much or how many snacks I can get out of a box of crackers.

Also I have learned by scheduling their snacks I can keep them having to many repeats or eatting the same thing all week. I can buy a box(24) of pudding for $2.50 at Walmart, that my boys would wipe out in a week or less, if I let them make their snack choices, but I schedule it once or twice a week and make that 1 box last a month sometimes 2. Its the sam with the other snacks. I can buy a box of 8 of the Lance snack crackers (Cheese filled, PB filled, etc) and schedule them and make it last a month or longer. We bought a bag of fresh peanuts from a farmers market over a month a ago. Theres still enough for 2 or 3 snacks.  When I see a certain item on sale (I usually have a coupon for it too) I pick it up and add it to the snack selection. This keeps things changing out and a nice variety. The kid certainly couldn’t do that if left to thier own choices.



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