Hair Cuts at Home

I have 2 growing boys and hubby that all need hair cuts monthly. Theres no way I can afford for them to go in and have hair cuts done each month. Especially since 2 out of 3 just get their heads shaved. Not bald but cut short. So, we invest in hair clippers and I just shave thier heads about once a month at home. It saves sooooo much money. Hubbys and oldest are easy.  Mostly. Their hair is thicker and I have to start with a higher number guard then cut it shorter or the clippers wont cut. And youngest likes his mohawk. Wild child. LOL. Im not a professional. Ive never taken classes or anything like that. Just a mom and wife looking to save money for her family.

Heres before and after pics.

  His hair is pretty long for his normal style cut.

 You can see the difference between where I  cut and the thickness and length before.

  A happy customer afterwards

   Took a little off the top then cut the sides short. Looks so much better. Hes making  a silly face.

  Heres the oldest. His hair gets so thick and unmanageable if it grows out. Plus his head will sweet all day and he spend the whole time scratching like he’s got bugs. No thank you. Keep it short and keep it clean.

  And after the hair cut. Not trying to do military style or anything, just a short cut. He likes it short cause he doesn’t have to do anything with except wash it every night. LOL

  And hubbys. This is a bit long for him. I’ve waited 3 months before and he hates that.

  All nice and clean cut after. This short hair style is good for im cause he wears a hat all day and works in the heat.

  Thats a lot of hair.





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