Organized the deep freeze

By now you’ve noticed I do a lot of organizing. I LOVE things organized. They don’t always stay, but I try. I also love the organization process. I will organized just about anything. Even my deep freeze. LOL. Only took about 10 minutes, but I made  Freezer inventory at the same time.


Heres before:

 I hated opening this much less finding something in it. It was driving me nuts!

 But 10 minutes later I had an organized deep freeze and a freezer inventory. 🙂

 Heres all the meat on one side. Next to it is a pizza crust that is sitting on top a white plastic basket that is holding the bread and buns.


 The other side as quick foods. We don’t have many of them but they can get lost on a deep freeze.

  This is one of the baskets on top. Its holding all our frozen veggies and my fiber one muffins.

  And the other basket on top has a white plastic basket inside it folding our smaller meats, canadian bascon, a tub of ground sausage, some ham slices for sandwiches, and a Philly cooking cream. (Little items) Under the basket are my roll out crusts for my homemade pot pie. Next to the basket is a container of frozen tomato paste and some pir crusts.


This looks so much better than before!


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