Life Lessons for the Busy Mom

#3 Balance

Balance is key! If you give too much to one thing you slack on another. If you focus all your energy on your chore and keeping the house super clean then you have no time left for the kids or planning lessons. There must be a balance. Moms need to balance everything, not just their daily tasks. But emotions, physical, social, mental, intimate, & spiritual needs as well. As much as you love your kids its ok to spend an hour talking to another adult. Or an hour focusing on your physical needs, whether that’s going for a walk, or going out for a treat.  You need physical contact as well. Hugs, comforting. And don’t forget you are still a woman. Not just a mom. Your body has needs too and so does your husbands. Make time to share and enjoy those needs together. Having a good “release” a few times a week can be very therapeutic.

Plan ways you can achieve your emotional, physical, spiritual needs. Was there something you enjoyed doing before you had kids. Was there a special place you and your spouse liked to go? Something you like to do together?

Thinks about it!


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