Life Lessons for the Busy Mom

#5 Nurture your relationship with your significant other

Just cause your married or with someone doesn’t mean the romance is gone. That you can just think “I’ve got them I don’t have to try so hard anymore” Yes you do. A relationship is work.

When was the last time you sat down and really talked to you spouse? Not with kids interrupting or where you talked about kids, work, the house, but actually talked like you did when you were dating or first got together? Maybe you figure you already know that person. Nope. My husband and I tell each other everything. I mean everything. We are very honest with each other. More than I have seen any other couple, but we still find things to talk about. Personal things. Feelings, Emotions, our likes and dislikes. Which can change over the years.

When was the last time you spend 3 seconds your staring into each others eyes?

When was the last time you took the time to “check out” you spouse?

When was the last time you surprised them with a special note or sent them flowers or done something spontaneous?

When was the last time you spent time alone, other than when you go to bed at night?

These little things help keep a marriage alive.

Do you compromise with your spouse? Do you see things from their point of view?

Do you expect your spouse to walk through the door and immediately start helping with kids or dinner or something? Do you take the time to ask them how their day was, or give them 10 minutes to change and relax before jumping in to help? This is something that should go both ways. They work just as hard as you do all day. And there should be some compromise and consideration from both sides.

It will help strenghten a relationship.


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