Life Lessons for the Busy Mom

#1. Take time to nurture yourself!

We lead a very busy life. Kids, husband, cooking, cleaning, laundry, the list is endless. I know first hand what can happen if you don’t take time for yourself. The world isn’t going to end if you take a nice hot bubble bath. The house isn’t going to fall apart if you go for a walk by your self. Its ok. Your not a bad mom to take some personal time. Every one deserves it.

I have a bad habit of doing and doing and doing until I  explode and can’t take no more. Then it can a week or week”s” for me to recover. But if I take a little time daily, weekly, it makes a huge difference.

When was the last time to were able to sit in a hot bubble bath longer than 2 minutes?  When ws the last time you were able to have more than 5 minutes to read a book? When was the last time to able to take breath before starting on something else? These things are important! Just like you!

You can be a better mom and wife if you take time for yourself. Think about it, would you rather be stressed and exausted where you don’t have the tim or energy to spend your family or would you rather feel refreshed and just enjoy watching your kids play?


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