My accident prone child

My youngest is very accident prone. I dont mean he will trip over his feet or anything minor like, no thats my oldest. (His feet are so big he trips over them all the time) Not my youngest will do the big ones. He was riding an older go cart and ran through a chin link fence fish hooking his leg. That wasn’t fun.

His latest of accidents happened recently. we were going into hastings and he was overly excited, took the door from his dad and pulled it quickly when he did. The door didn’t have a guard on the bottom of it so when he pulled real fast the bottom of the ran over his big toe. When it did the door tore up the toe on the end and ripped through half his toe nail. I quickly put like 4 bandaids on it, trying not to make it a huge deal, and we went into Hastings. Got our movies then went home and his daddy doctored him up with some gauze, anti biotic ointment and of course electrical tape to keep it on. LOL.

We left that on until the next evening. Then took it off to clean it and let it air out. Heres what it looked like.


It looks a lot better now. It has been healing on its own. And he’s enjoying watching the colors, seeing the nail dying off and theres a white tissue under the nail he’s been studying. LOL.

Can you tell we’re homeschoolers? My youngest turns his injured toe into science. LOL




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