Organizing my sons closet

We rearranged our oldests room this week. In doing so we eliminated some furniture and swapped some furniture around in the rooms. His desk has reached its limits and since his brother had 2, our oldest got one an the matching dresser. Our oldests dresser went to the younger one.

In the closet of our oldests room was a shelf with toys and next to it was a pile of his scouting items fr when he camps. It was a mess. He also had shelves up high that weren’t really being used.

So, we too the toy shelf out, which didn’t hold any toys, mostly models he needs to assemble and models he has already assembled.

Hubby hung some shelves on one side of the closet. Not that holds the little bit of toys he has and some art supplies.

Next to them are his hanging clothes. Mostly jackets and his scout uniform. Up top he now has 2 blue square storage containers. One has his models that need to be assembled and his model supplies. The other is full of all the little scouting items for camping.

His closet looks so much more organized and straightened now.





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