Organizing the closet in another room

I have my own room in our house. I was designed to be a den, office, second living room, something like that. Its pretty good size too. When we moved in it was the school room. All the lessons, workboxes, everything was in here.

Then the kids wanted desks in their rooms and their workboxes in their rooms. So, it was turned into a family room with games, a table, a loveseat, TV and my computer.

It has evolved since then to being my room. For me to plan lessons, do crafts, watch TV, whatever.

Anyways, theres a closet in my room. It usually holds the vacuum, if it fits, the stuff were selling in sillbookoo, and the kids “store” items. Books, toys, games ,etc. I have tried many times to put shelves in it and keep it organized. It doesn’t last.

Well, hubby hung up some shelves for me and I love it. It is so clean and organized.

The kids “store” items sit on the lower shelves, the for sale items up high and my vacuum next to the shelves.

  This is before. Just a normal closet.


  This is with my pretty shelves hung up.


  All nice and organized.  Doesn’t it look clean?!

You can see all the books on the top shelf. My boys LOVE to read.

  All the store items neatly arranged where they can be seen.





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