My week so far

This week has been hard so far.  I started the week feeling really tired. I have not had enough energy. Barley been able to keep up with my to do list. Haven’t done any planning, no menu planning, no lesson planning, nothing. Haven’t even done my chores this week.  Have managed to cook dinner most nights and check the kids lessons. Thats about it.

Well, started feeling better yesterday but still a bit tired.

Had to evaluate my youngest. He didn’t start reading until he was 9 (a year ago) now he has a comprehension problem. *sigh* and he is struggling with math. So, its back to basics a bit. We are stopping his math lessons until he practices his multiplication facts a lot more. Also, I need to cut his “reading” assignments back a little. If he can’t understand what he’s reading whats the point?

Hubby and I have decided to take the cable TV out of his room also. He is watching too many of the Nick shows and the ones teenish shows and thats not cool cause he thinks thats how life is. He will act like some of the kids on those shows too.

So, cable is gone until we can figure out how to block those channels or shows-hopefully without having to buy the cable box.

Well, see how long I can hold up. I am usually the one who breaks down and changes it.


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