End of the week wrap up

Another week done. Lessons are completed, the boys earned a Hastings rental, and we are all looking forward to having next week off.

The boys finished up New Mexico this week. They learned about Roswell, Pueblo Indians, New Mexicos flag and more. I did stop some of my youngests lessons by Wednesday and reworked them to finish out the week. Next week I will be working on completely redoing them. I tried to have both boys doing basically the same thing and my oldest doing a little more challenging activities, but my youngest is so not handling it. He has a comprehension problem that needs to be fixed. He also has a rushing problem. So, its back to basics with English and Math. He will probably go up til December break doing mulitplication and division, non stop.

The youngest also lost his cable this week. He is influenced by some of the teen and nick shows. So, it had to go. We’re hoping we will start seeing some improvement soon. But it will take time.

The boys rented movies tonight. Its a Friday night tradition. Movie and dinner. Kinda of a wrap up and unwind from a hard week. I fix nachos, pizza, some finger food or occassionaly we order pizza. We sit in the livingroom and watch a movie. This week the family movie is the new Transformers.  The boys got Fat Albert and Final Destination 3 (our oldest got this one).

Next week is fun week in our home. No lessons. No planned learning. Only fun aloud. The boys play games, play outside, legos, read, craft, whatever. Everyone needs some down time, even kids.


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