Look ahead at the weekend

We are gonna have a bit of a busy weekend. Hubby works til noon, or oldest is attending a merit badge fair til 4. It will be me and my youngest all morning until hubby gets home. I should really plan something for him and I to do together, then something for me, hubby and our youngest. Then try to work in something for us to do as a family after our oldest gets done. hum…what should we do?

Tomorrow night we will either watch a movie together, play a game or do a little drinking. he he he

Sunday we are off to my dad’s. Its our once a month visit. He will be happy to see us. He gets lonely. I know. When he gets lonely he calls me. Sometimes a few times a week. But, he did say he bought our oldest some scouting supplies. woo hoo.

Sunday night I am breaking out the crockpot! Its gonna be crockpot chicken-n-dumplings. Yum! And hopfully some family time on the Wii sometime Sunday, along with our weekly family meeting.

Whew, what a weekend.


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