Weight In day

Well its weight in day! I was dreading it after last weeks weight gain. But I weighted anyways. I lost 1.1 pounds this week. Which I am thrilled about, but don’t think it was from hard work.  I felt kinda icky all week, real tired and sick to my stomach a few times. I think the stomach issues helped me lose the 1.1 pounds. It is getting harder and harder to stay on track. I have worked some fast food back into my diet, I eat more things I didn’t when I started. I wish I had a motivation again like I did before. A drive. Someone to push me. Hubby supports me, but also hinders. He thought he was being helpful one day and offered to bring lunch home. Except it was Wayne’s drive thru. Fried chicken strips, french fries and a onion ring. What do I say to him? What the hell are you thinking? Really? Thats just plain mean. I politely think him and eat what I can stand of the deep fried food. I do eventually tell him, in a nice and almost jokingly way, that I can’t that kind of food. I don’t think it hurt his feelings.

Anyways,  I gotta get back on track. Majorly. I just wish I knew how.


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