Goodwill Finds

   Found this same light up tree for $8. And it works! Its $25 new at Walmart.

  This is a wooden  Brain Bender game. Only paid $1 for it. Its about $10 New. Ths kids will love playing this for school.

  And the Families favorite so far. Electronic BattleShip. Paid $3! Looked it up on Amazon and Ebay. Ebay wanted about $20 and Amazon $60! For this exact one! What a deal! The kids and hubby have already been playing it a few times!

I was aslo able to find several shirts that fit me well. Which is a rare find  for me. I spent about $20 on my shirts, but considering I can spend that on one from CATO, which is where I get what little clothes I did have because they fit the best, it was a great deal! I got like 6 or so shirts. Which I badly needed! Now I just gotta keep my eye out for some capris or jeans that will fit. The 18s I am currectly in are a tad too big. I wear a belt. But jeans are so hard to find cause I’m so short. I usually end up walking on them. LOL. Wish I could sew better. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about that I could just hem them up.

Anyways, it was a great day for Goodwill shopping.


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