Rethinking Rituals, Spirituality &more

I have been trying really hard to bring rituals, meditation and such back into my life lately. Before I was married I practiced a lot. But, after hubby came along life just kinda too over. Adjusting to married life, moving, and so much more, i had a hard time fitting it in like I use too. I have felt guilty that I was letting it slide. Like I was calling myself a Witch but I wasn’t following through with it.

Well, I recently took the time to do a ritual. One I haven’t done in  awhile. It so didn’t feel right. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I’ve been beating myself up for not making time to do rituals and such, and figuring out the ones that felt right to me.

Well, I was reading an article today, called Rethinking Rituals from a blog called The Deepest Well and OMG! It was an eye opener. It was like she pulled the words and thoughts right out of my head. “The pressure was lifted.  I simply allowed myself to honor seasonal celebrations
in a way that was meaningful for me.”

Why have I been spending all this time forcing myself to do things one way, only because I’m being told thats how its done or I’ve read thats how its done, when I should have been doing it my own way? Why do I fight what I am truely ment to be? Its so easy to get caught up in society and everything around me.

After reading the blog post it was like this big light went off in my head. I need to make changes in my life. I need to take control of my life. I need to stop letting society and other people control my life. I need to let it be guided by the goddess 100%. My one true Mother.

Stayed tuned for more changes in my life as I learn to lead a truely Goddess Lead Life.


5 thoughts on “Rethinking Rituals, Spirituality &more

  1. When you go your own way that’s when your relationship with the Lord and Lady really begins to become personal. At least that’s how it was for me. Anyone elses “rules” for ritual just seemed to be too much ritual and not enough personal feeling. I say as long as it works for you, thats all that matters!

  2. This is what I really love about witching… I can do things *my* way, and share my opinions iwth others without being forced to agree on “one way for all”.

  3. I’ve been feeling like I had to “conform” for a while now. Mostly due to the fact of where I live. I am in Lawton Oklahoma and we’re a minority here. LOL. Theres a local shop, complete with high priestess, and open circle who claims to be “Pagan”, but she is 100% by the “book” Wiccan. She does classes on Friday nights that are very basic Wiccan lessons. Since she was the only one around I felt like I had to conform to the way she was doing things because everyone around here looks up her. A lot of people practically fawn all over her. I never felt like I fit in her group,as hard as I tried, I didn’t fit. So, now that my eyes are open, I am yet again solitary, and doing things on my own. Which is fine by me. I have mostly been solitary all my life. But, if I start my own group or find other people who feel like I do its gonna feel like I’m going against her. (She is a really nice person, I just don’t see her in the all Goddess light everyone else does. ) If she retaliates, which I have seen her do to someone I know, it could get ugly. Which is NOT my intentions at all. *Sigh*

  4. Its an unusual situation. There was some rummors spread, accusations made against one member of a family (from an unreliable source) and that made her decide to turn against a family I know. They were banned from the store, circle, everything. I started a kids pagan group and she is claiming it as her own and trying to prevent this family from being apart of my group. She went as far as saying she would attend my get togethers to make sure no one became friends with this family. I’m stuck in the middle of it. I have nothing against her or the family shes against.

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