Something you don’t see everyday




My youngest is laying on the couch READING. This is a very unusual thing to see in our house. He has always struggled with reading. Now he mostly reads, but its sight reading only. He refuses to sound anything out. Well, I have been scheduling him reading time for lessons. 10 minutes a day. He is suppose to read for 30 before bed but that has never worked out. He always finds a way not to read. So, I decided to change things up. He is scheduled 10 minutes reading a day, any book he chooses, as part of his lessons. But he has to read in front of me. He doesn’t have to read out loud, just read. If I think he’s skimming and not really reading he has to redo it. Otherwise I just leave him alone and let him read. Well, this week I have seen a huge change in him. He is reading a lot more and comprehending what he’s reading/ He even reads longer than 10 minutes some days. This makes me so happy.

Here is today reading on the couch. Behind his book is our cat Amber.

This is another unusual thing. Amber doesn’t go to Eric very often cause he can be to rough with her at times, or he wants to take her to bed with him and snuggle her like a stuffed animal. Of course she doesn’t go for that. But today she was laying on him and he even pet her a while before she jumped down. It was an awsome sight to see.

Gives me a happy heart.


2 thoughts on “Something you don’t see everyday

  1. That’s cool! It takes some time for many people to get into the habit of reading (a friend of mine only started reading for fun at the age of 16), and this seems to be a good way to make kids stick around until they get the hang of it… gotta remember it for future reference.

  2. He has always struggled with reading. Well, he has struggled with a lot of things. Typical “schooling” in general. I get so frustrated with him, but when I calm down he causes me to think outside the box and try to rework whats not working and think of an unconventional way of reworking it. I so LOVE that about him.

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