Weekly Wrap Up

Well, its that of the week again. Its Friday! Weekly Wrap Up.

Well, lets see, how should I wrap up our week this week…

In our Homeschooling this week…

Tried out a new system of lessons and it worked beautifully.  Got both the kids doing basically different lessons. They were basically doing the same thing except slightly different for the oldest. Now, its really different. They have the same topic for History but the work is a lot different. Now their science is the same. Mostly. They do the same experiement, but the oldest does the harder research and challenging activities in the science book.

For the youngest I am worked more on his beginning grammar, back to basics with mulitplication and memorizing. He did great this week! He has some book work, some computer work, a little bit of notetaking, and some video learning. Since hubby found crash box on HBO family he has been watching that daily. Its a good educational show.

For the oldest I made some of his lessons a little harder. They didn’t change too much except for that. I needed to challenge him more. And it is definately doing that. He finished everything in good time on Monday, and Tuesday, but Wednesdays works spilled over into Thursday. A lot. However, he worked really hard and was able to get all his Wednesday and Thursday work done before bed on Thursday. I was proud of him for that. We’ll see how today goes. His grades haven’t been that great this week. He has done some half ass work. I’ll have to talk it over with the hubby to see if he’s earned his movie rental tonight or not.
The boys flat travelers came home yesturday with a box FULL of goodies from Florida. It was really awesome. The person we traded with gave us tons of great ideas. I want to create the travelers a suit case and clothes now. LOL. Complete with a book and maybe a stuffed animal.
Also with everything they sent maybe we can start a Geo Box. One box per state or country. Very excited about this idea!

Plans for next weeks Homeschooling:

I plan to keep the boys lessons going like they are for now. Or for as long as this is working. Next week they will learn about Georgia.

In Family life this week: 

The boys struggled with thier chores this week. A lot. They both had too many drops for us to do the store or for them to get allowance. They don’t get rewarded for half ass jobs or not even doing their job. Its a hard lesson for them to learn, but its an important one.
We have had a pretty busy time lately. Homeschooling, homeschooling group, pagan group, scouts, its all taking up a lot of our family time. We have been so tired in the evenings we have all just been chilin as much as we can. Our oldest is suppost to have a popcorn Show-n-sell this Saturday. If its still going on. The information in his troop gets a bit lost sometimes. I might wanna skip that. LOL. I haven’t felt all that socialble lately. I am hoping that this weekend we can get some family board game time in. Its been a few weeks since the last family game. It was so much fun, I know Im not the only one who wants another game day. I al also hoping to have another family meeting this weekend too. Its been a few weeks since the last one of those as well. Life just gets away from you sometimes.

In Family life next week:

The popcorn order form gets turned in for our oldest. Glad that will be over. But I do have to say this is the first year we let our oldest go out on his own and sell popcorn in the neighborhood. He did a great job too! Very proud of him. I know I probably do more than the Boy Scouts expect me to do when it comes to my son, but he’s only 13 and stil needs a lot of guidance. I’m not done with him. He still needs to be reminded about deoderant, clean teeth, how he looks, how he talk and presents himself and all that. Anyways, other that just normal life for next week. Nothing real big going on.

In my married life this week:

Well, everything is bascially normal. I have been struggling a bit. Too much stress from last weekend. When I get overly stressed it effects me in so many ways. But I am working on correcting that. I am actually working on making our bedroom more romantic and magickal this week. Hoping that will help. Along with working real hard to destress myself. Hubby and I did get some snuggle time on the couch this week as we caught up with some of our recorded shows.

With myself this week:

I was so tired all week. My sleep was off, my energy was off, everything was off. I barely worked out like maybe 2 days. I only worked out yesturday cause my youngest asked if we could do it together. It kicked my butt! I was sweating my ass off. But, I was glad I did it. I tried to relax as much a possible this week. Tried to destress my life. Did a lot of thinking and reconnecting with the Goddess. Had a huge eye opening break through yesturday. It was awesome. Shedding a whole new light on everything. Why do I try so hard to fit in when I was born to stand out?! LOL.




2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up

  1. Glad your schoolwork is going well this week. It’s so nice when you realize your efforts are actually working. I’m in the same place with a 13 yo scout. Without a little direction from Mom nothing would get done, but I don’t want to stand in the way of all the learning he can get from Scouts on his own.

  2. I have learned to change my approach when it comes to oldest. I try to ask him open ended questions. Get his brain thinking. It usually works. When his brain is turned on. LOL (Some days it just doesn’t work)

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