Weight In Day

I didn’t have a great week. It was very emotional for me. I had a lot of stress around me, I did some emotional eatting, and had a bit of depression creep in. But, I fought it off with my broom. It too most of the week, but by Thursday  I started to feel a little better. Friday I felt a lot better.

I worked out Monday and Thursday. Thats all. I wouldn’t of worked out Thursday but my 10 year old son asked if we could do a workout together. So, I of course said yes. I sweat my ass off! He barely broke a sweat. But it was good for me. I wanted to work out a lot more but I felt drained of energy all week.

Somehow I managed to lose 1.8 pounds though. I am thrilled about that. I have had to make some dietary adjustments this week. The cost of fruit is getting out of control. So, I have only been able to get bananas and apples. I did manage to get some yogurt though. I know yogurt has more sugars, but its not all bad. And its what I can afford on our small food budget. Sometimes you do what you can.



3 thoughts on “Weight In Day

  1. Congratulations! It does help to have motivating kids. I started going to the gym about a month ago. I haven’t lost any weight yet, but I can really tell a difference in my endurance. Maybe the weight loss will come next.

  2. I have learned it comes off slow. Even half a pound is a half pound less than the week before. When I started my weight loss I jumped right in. Exercised my butt off daily. Really worked it. And I was only losing .4 or maybe 1 pound. I was really discouraged. But, once I finally learned about what my body wanted and what it was doing it was much easier to understand. Now, I watch what I eat, mostly. I still have treats, but they are limited. I might have some ice cream in the evening, but its one little scoop, compared to the bowl I would eat before. I work out at least 2 days a week, sometimes 3 if I can work it in. I have noticed with me, the eatting right handles most of my weight loss and the exercising handles my endurance. I didn’t use to be able to walk to the bathroom sometimes without being tired. Now I can walk a mile or more. The exercising helps some with my weight loss, but more in the way of inches and it jump starts my body and makes it work the way it should. Don’t just rely on exercising to lose weight. What you eat has A LOT to do with it. And don’t be obsessed with just lossing weight. Think of being healthy and don’t beat yourself up cause you had a soda or you had a treat. Be happy with your self. And the weight will naturally fall off. (I know that doesn’t work for evryone, its just what I’ve learned) My kids are a huge motivation. My oldest is super thin, but he’s also muscular. He’s pretty healthy. And has a high metabolism.The youngest however has hit the chunky stage. He has man boobs like a lot of boys his age right now. I worry about him, but I just make sure he stays active and eats healthy enough.

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