Rearranging again

Hubby found a new piece of furniture for me at a yard sale, so we had to rearrange my room a bit. I should back up and share a little more details. When I say “my room” what I mean is…its my office/craft room/relaxing room. Every mom should have one. men have their men caves I have mine! LOL.

The house were renting has a den type room. It was originally the “school room”, until the kids decided they wanted to do their work in their rooms and then wanted their workboxes in there as well. Soooo, it became my room. I have my office area in it, where I plan lessons, work on the budget, organizing, plan menus, and so much more. I also have my crafting area for my scrapbooking, crafts, stamping, card making, etc.  Then I have an area to relax. TV area. Behind the chair is my exercise equipment cause I’m the only one who uses it. (Except when I allow the kids too)

So, anyways, a loveseat went back tothe livingroom where it was before and my BIG over sized super cumfy couch came in. Well, the end table I was using wasn’t working anymore. So, we had to switch around some furniture. My office area and relaxing area got re worked.

I never remember to take before pictures, especially when its something that just kinda happens. Didn’t plan on the rearrange. Anyways, heres after pictures.

  The area shown use to have a long coffee type table with 2 little shelves on top. We brought in the desk we had in the garade cause it matced the furniture already in use in the room. (White and lightish wood) It looked WAY better than the dark wood shelf option. So, I ended up with a whole shelving area hubby and I created. And I love it! It really looks pretty neat all put together.

  Heres the deak area with printer. The printer use to sit on a ugly brown shelf. Now its sitting on a kitchen rolling cart. It looks great with the other furniture. I love using furniture for other purposes than it was originally designed.

  The long view. This stretches down one wall into the hall that leads to my bedroom and bathroom. This is what works for us. It really is very organized. Its hard to tell from the picture but all the shelves and such help.


  My new cozy relaxing area. I so love it. The crocheted blanket on the back of the chair was a gift from a friend of my days. She is very ill. I had it on the back of the couch before. I like the colors. It feels very homey to me.



One thought on “Rearranging again

  1. Not only every Mom, every *woman* should have her own room. When moving in together, the BF and I chose a flat at the top pricerange of what we can afford, mainly because it had this lovely panoramic view from the living room (one whole wall is all window and balcony and trees) and – four rooms. Bedroom, livingroom, two offices. He is an IT guy and I am a translator/writer, we both spend so much time at our desks… plus if he has got the guys over for some gaming, I can still hide in my room with the cats and watch horror movies. ^^

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