Top Yard Sale Prize

This is a maroon over sized chair. It also came with an Ottoman. It is big, beautiful and soooooo soft. Its not a great picture of the chair, the color is darker and the picture makes it look like theres spots on it, but there isn’t. LOL

We were driving home from the library and tri to the indoor flea market when our youngest said he saw a sign for a yard sale. So, we turned on the street. Drove to the end, almost turned around, lol, but finally found it. The people were ready to call it a day. It was after 4. We pulled up and they said everything is .10 cents, except the chair and ottoman. $10!  Hubby and I said What?! We didn’t have much cash on us, but we had just enough. Hubby checked it out. It is sturdy, cumfy and perfect. It is now in my room. I have it all set up in a cozy corner just for me. LOL.


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