A healthy lifestyle

I have wanted to live a healthy lifestyle for many, many years now. Frugal and healthy. That doesn’t mean I need to live on raw veggies or become a Vegan. But, I have wanted to be healthy. As a kid I never thought about how I ate. My family didn’t talk about nutrition. I know both my aunts struggled with thier weight, my grandma and great grandma were both over weight as well, and my aunts did weight watchers, drank diet sodas and ate corn flakes. But we never talked about it. Or the food we ate. So, as I became older I didn’t think about it either. even after I had kids I did’t think about it. I just figured everyone ate the same way.

Boy was I wrong! Big time. It wasn’t until a few years after I was married did I start to pay attention. I was focused on being “skinny”, but didn’t know how to get there. I wasn’t really that over weight at first. It crept up on me over the years. Years of poor diet and no exercise. I tried diet after diet, but it never worked, never stuck, whatever. When it was really me. I wasn’t understanding.
Then in March of this year, when I hit 304 pounds, it hit me. I needed help. I wasn’t accomplishing anything on my own. So, I joined weight watchers. Ther weight started coming off, real slow, but still coming off. But, joining weight watchers did something more for me. It kick started something inside me. I learned how to eat “properly”. It was mostly self taught, with a nudge from the weight watchers program. I was having to really evaluate what I was eatting. And in doing so, I had an eye opener. And this brought me around to wanting to live a healthier life. I don’t care I’m skinny. I know I will not be the “recommended” weight for my height(its like 110 cause I’m 5’2″, on a good day) I just want to be healthy. Healthy for me and healthy for my family. I am luck for now, not have any diabetes but i do have female problems. I don’t ovulate. I have to take a little white pill the first 10 days of every month, or I bleed to death. (nearly happened twice) But since I started losing weight my body is trying to work again. Yea.
Anyways, getting off topic here. I found a blog and some books today that I believe will be truely benefial to starting to live a healthy lifestyle. I am very excited to learn all kinds of useful knowledge from them. One of them even has information on buying healthy while on a budget. Something that is very important to me right now. That is one of my biggest struggles.

The site is called Keeper of the Home and the books are Healthy Homemaking and Real Food on a Real Budget.   The healthy homemaker book is astep by step guide on healthy homemaking.

So, I am starting a new journey. I am hoping for some big changes. I want to grow my own veggies (but I have a black thumb when it comes to gardening, I kill just about everything. And the soil in our yard sucks.) and herbs.

I have hope that I can do this. It is something close to my heart. It is something I have always wanted to do. I just need to learn and have confidence.

I will share my exerience and what I learn as I work through the books.

And it beings.


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