Get off your broom-witchy fitness challenge update

Well, last week was not good! I struggled a lot last week. Not just with diet, but with life. I was fighting off some depression and I had no energy. I was even a bit bitchy. All that pissed me off too.  So, stumbled through the week, worked out like once, maybe twice. Hubby decided we needed to go for lunch on his half day, then we were running around one day after work and got worn out and went out to eat. The pattern continued through the weekend as well. (I’m dreading this weeks weight in) We are out lunch Satu and Sun. I feel horrible about it now. But at the time I was just so hungry I needed food. I feel like I’m slipping back into my old ways. The beginning of the this year I did nothing all day. I didn’t exercise, I didn’t eat right, I was 304 pounds, I always hurt, and was unhappy most of the time. Since I started exercising and eatting right I have done a lot more, eatten better, and been generally happier. But, this past week I’ve felt myself slipping. I’m pissed too! I don’t wanna go back to that! I really don’t! I wish I had someone I could talk to. My husband is my best friend, and he listend, but at the same he’s a man. He tries but sometimes I’d be nice to talk to someone else.

Anyways, I gained .4 this week. Which isn’t too bad, but I plan to correct that by the next weight in. I have been stuck been 27 and 30  pounds lost for a few months now. I just can’t seem to get past those numbers. I gain and lose the same pounds. Its frustrating. What makes it worse is I have a friend that was already on weight watchers when I decided to join(before I stopped), she had been in the program before, she didn’t lost then, and she wasn’t losing now. She wasn’t following the program, but said she was. And you couldn’t talk to her about it cause she was “right”. Anyways, she hadn’t even lost 5 pounds this time, then she started taking diet pills prescribed by her doctor. Of course she’s losing now. I want to be happy for her, but at the same time, she’s not earning it. She’s not working for it. I work my butt off, I try and I’m slowly losing. Which I’m fine with. But, shes quickly catching up and is already saying I can have her jeans when they get to big on her within the next 10 pounds she will lose. Its a little insulting. agh!

Last weeks challenge: I learned that my food cravings come from being bored and when my body is lacking something.

Anyways…..heres Week 4 Mini-Challenge
There will be two parts to this week’s challenge.
Part 1: How balanced is your diet? Are you eating healthy, wholesome natural foods or are you simply eating less crap than before? If I’m honest with myself and you folks, I know my answer is that I am simply eating less crap.

I do better when I eat fresh fruit during the week. If I slack on that I start to feel run down and off. I try to eat as balanced as I can afford. I try to make more things from scratch.  The least amount of processed food as I can. I do pretty well, except when I eat out.

Part 2: In the previous post, I wrote about how I’ve been struggling to make this fitness challenge more “witchy.” If we do do things witchy all the time like Magaly says, then making a fitness challenge more witchy shouldn’t be hard, right? What can you do to combine your spirituality and practice with your diet and fitness regimen?

Talk to the goddess when your exercising. Empower a cup of tea, coffee or water. Think about your intentions (exercise, eatting healthier, drinking more water, whatever) when you finish your drink, get up and do it.

My goals for this week:

Take a walk after dinner. Watch what I eat better! Exercise 3 days this week. Eat more fruit. Be positive!


3 thoughts on “Get off your broom-witchy fitness challenge update

  1. Maybe you need to adjust to the darker season… I used to run and exercise all through spring and summer, but now it is getting more difficult. Today I had to drag myself out, kicking and screaming, although it was actually pretty nice outside. No running for me anymore, too cold for that (my lungs hate it), but I’ll try to at least keep moving.

    And yeah, guys somehow don’t understand all that girl stuff. I wonder what they are thinking about all day long. ^^

  2. Don’t feel too bad about gaining a little bit of weight this week, there will be fluctuations for all of us…..I had a bad week a couple of weeks ago and I know how depression can just take it out of you so you don’t feel like doing anything.
    I’ve read a few broom-blogs and have noted there a few who are real down on themselves for gaining weight…..never mind….try again – it will happen in time – even if we only do a little bit at a time and gradually build up to a new healthy lifestyle!!
    Brightest Blessings )O(

  3. Boredom is guilty of many crimes, huh? The fruits around my house disappear when I’m bored, so we need to stayed fully stocked. If we aren’t my next choices are crackers and bread; not so healthy to binge on 😦

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