Weekly weight loss update

I’ve been on this journey almost 8 months now. Its been a rollercoaster of emotions, up and down weight loss,  the chance to learn new things and also a journey of discovery. I never thought it would be possible to lose any weight. I tried for years to lose weight but the whole time it was all about a lack of knowledge. Not knowing about proper diet,healthy foods and such makes a huge difference. Going on a diet was never for me. It never taught me anything. And thats the key. You have to learn. If you just go on a diet, what are you really accomplishing? You lose a little weight then when you come off the diet the weight goes back on. Or you get so frustrated about “being on a diet” the whole time you give up.

Being healthy is a way of life. Its not a diet, its not all about losing the weight.  I don’t care what the doctors say my ideal weight should be. (119 pounds…ha) I am not a barbie doll!  I use to focus on being “skinny”. Who cares anymore! I just want to be healthy! I have a loving husband and 2 wonderful boys who love me for me! I don’t care what anyone else thinks. As long as they love me AND I can love myself thats all that matters.

Anyways, I weighted in and did my monthly measurements today. I have to say I was very pleased with the results.

Weight loss for the week was 2.2 pounds. That brings my weight down to 271.3. Its still a lot of weight, but I am happy! I will proudly tell anyone my weight. (How many women can say that) I started at 302.6. In the 300’s. Can you believe that?! It seems unreal! My weight is coming off slowly, but its coming off, and for that I am proud!

My measurements for the month were great as well.

Waist: 43 in-Previous month 46 in

Arms(upper): 14.5in – Previous month 15 in

Chest: 47.5 in- Previous month 49 in

Hips: 53 in- Previous month 55 in

Lost 3 inches in Waist, .05 inches in my arms, 1.5 inches in my chest and 2 inches in my hips! 7 inches less I have to carry! Woo Hoo!

So far , from where I started,  I have lost a grand total of 12 inches in my waist, 6 inches in my arms, 9.5 inches in my chest and 2 inches in my Hips(this is only he second month I’ve measured my hips, so thats 2 inches in one month).

A weight loss journey can be different for everyone. This is mine and I am very proud of all I have learned and all I have accomplished. If you are on a similar journey try to focus on the positivies. Try to focus on being happy, being healthy, and being yourself!


Week 5 Mini-Challenges:
My results: Part 1 is to exercise at least five days this week.
Well, it depends on your definition of exercise. I did not get out the Wii and do my workout games 5 days this week. BUT, I did do the workout game once, did some arm exercises, did my mini bike thing, walked, and did a lot of baking(Which kept me on my feet)

Part 2 is to eat more fruits and vegetables, or in other words a more plant based diet.
For this, nope. I actually did worse than usual. Usually I eat quite a bit of veggies, usually steamed or mixed in with my food, I slacked on this challenge this week.
BUT, I will make more of an effort to work some raw veg in my diet this week and in the upcoming weeks. I can work on at least once a week this week, and next week I can up it to two times. And keep uping it from there. (as long as I can afford it) Thats a good goal I think I can do and afford!

Part 3 is to drink plenty of water every day.
I nailed this one! I drink water ALL day!  I make sure to drink at least 8 glasses a day. Sometimes I drink more!


The Week 6 Mini-Challenge :

Research the added health benefits of exercise and eating right.

This is a very good challenge. Knowledge is Power! I want to say that again, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!
The reason I repeated that phrase is because it is something  everyone needs to hear.
I grew up in a family where we had box dinners, rarely cooked from scratched, and I was allowed junk food.  I was always active, luckily! But I did have a lazy streak. (Probably due to my diet) All the women on my mom’s side of the family have or had weight problems. My watches  bother my aunts struggle with their weight for years, doing weight watchers, talking about it, etc. But never really saw any changes. One aunt drank diet Dr. Pepper, used Equal, and ate corn flakes every morning. (It did nothing for her) Luckily I was active enough to keep my weight low as a child. I wa always real thin.
But, when I was 15 I became and emotional eatter. It was easier to stuff my face than go to “bed” with my uncle. I gained some weight. Then when I was finally able to get out of that situation I didn’t eat. I just didn’t want to eat anymore and lost a lot of weight.
I leveled out after that, staying pretty thin for years. But I was taking care of myself since I was 15, with no real direction, teaching or anything. Just me figuring it all out on my own.
When I became pregnant with my first I gain quite a bit of weight and was very sick. (Severe Preeclampsia). After giving birth I lost quite a bit, but never got back down to what I was. Since I was 15 my eatting habits became worse and worse every year. I would eat a small bag of Doritos, that would be my food for the whole day. Or I would heat up some frozen fries. I slowly began to eat a little better as I got older and a little wiser. After the birth of my second child I was making better choice than before, but still not great choices. Too many Carbs!
Almost a year after my second child was born I was married. I married someone 5 years younger than me. (He was only 19 at the time) Married life brought on a lot of challenges. At first I just cooked what we enjoyed and what I thought was ok. Store bought pizzas, burritos, pasta and butter soaked “canned” veggies, and sugary cereal. This went on for a few years.  I noticed my weight slowly start to creep on. I tried diets, but they never worked. They all said, eat this and this, dont eat that. Well I wanted to bad stuff. I wasn’t a rabbit and didn’t want to eat the meals suggested. It wasn’t me. But one of the things the diets never really said was why, or try to teach me how to cook healthier. It was just stop eatting that and totally change everything and eat something you’ve never tried before. So, of course it never worked. AS the years progressed I grew more and more tired, more and more depressed and moody. It sucked. And was pissing me off. I was just so tired all the time. And never knew why. Finally about 2 (maybe 3) years ago I started making changes with the help of a friend. I switched my family from white flour to wheat. This was a huge change for us. But we started liking it. Then I switched from beef to turkey. I lost 15 pounds right away, then stopped. I was having more energy, but not as much as I’d like and I wasn’t losing weight.
This year (in March) I finally came to a realization that I couldn’t do it on my own. I needed help to get healthy. So, I joined weight watchers. I tried a few meeting, but didn’t like them. I was doing the program on line. Counting points, trying new recipes, and making changes. Then after a few months (and losing a little bit of weight) I realized the program had just “taught” me how to eat better. I was just a little bit of KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge that everyone should know and have but don’t. So, I quit the program, at least paying for it. And continued it on my own. I tweeked our meals to work for us and our budget (which is a big factor). I make better choices now (most of the time). I pay more attention to what and how much I eat. And have a goal of trying to fix more items from scratch each month. I have to take little steps or I get overwhelmed. I don’t use whole wheat flour because of the cost and difficulty in working with it. But, at least making items from scratch is a step closer to eatting better. I do plan to eventually be able to work with wheat flour again. But until then I do what I can. Small steps always heading forward.
Since the change(in March) I have been exercising, moving more, my mood has improved, and I generally feel better. I have even lost a little over 30 pounds and several inches.
Change is possible, but knowledge is the key. It won’t happen until your ready!


One thought on “Weekly weight loss update

  1. Wow, that’s impressive! Congratulations on your journey! And yes, you are right – the more you know about your body’s biological needs, the easier it becomes to treat it well.

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