We went camping this weekend with the scouts. Our oldest is a Boy Scout and youngest is a Cub. (Webelos) Both needed to camp to work on their ranks.

They were both able to owrk on and/or complete one rank or activity badge while there. I was so proud of them. My oldest actually got about half of his next rank completed as well. He is just soaring through them. 🙂

Anyways, we took our flat traveler with us. Didn’t get too many pictures as it was too cold. But got one or two.

  Heres Eric and Mew by our tent

 Heres Eric and Mew by the little cook stove thing Eric made.

It was an interesting camping experience. I learned a lot. I will NOT be cmaping again until I get the right equipment. I froze my butt off and ended up having muscle cramps cause of the cold weather. Really bad ones too. It was like having a charlie horse in my feet muscles and ancles and it ran up my calfs. My body hurt sooooo bad by Saturday morning too. And it didn’t warm up until around 2 or 3 Saturday. But the wind didn’t help either. I stuck it out, barely. The kids accomplished what they needed too at least. When we went home Saturday evening we were soooooo tired. We went to bed around 8pm and slept until about 7 Sunday morning. Then went to bed early Sunday night as well. We were just worn out. Even the kiddos were sleeping a lot.

But, hopefully, once we get the right equipment it will be a much better camping experience the next time.


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