What a mess!

OMG! My house is such a mess right now! I have been focused on cooking and baking so much the last couple weeks I haven’t had any time to clean. I haven’t dusted or vacuumed and my room has the suffered the most.

It looks like a tornado hit it! At least to me. I am usually pretty organized and keep things picked up. I’m not a super clean kinda person, just clean enough. But, this is driving me nuts. I can’t work, focus or do anything in this kind of mess.

If I am rested enough today maybe I can start working on it and get this picked up before the weekend. Thats when my oldest is having a sleepover for his birthday.

  My sitting area. All cluttered.

  My desk area. I got stuff pilled up everywhere!

  And the worst! My table area. Where I do my crafts, scrapbooking and any other work that requires a table. It is a total mess. The boxes under it are from my dads, the last time we visited him(a little over a week ago), the shoes are hubbys, him and the boys think my table is a catch all, the top is a combination of coupons, my home binderm sales ads and the Sunday paper that my wonderful husband leaves on my table when he’s done looking at it on Sundays!

I can’t work in this kind of environment!



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