A Simple woman’s day book

A Simple woman’s day book

Outside my window….

It looks like a nice day. Probably cold though.

I am thinking…

About my day. What I am going to do.

I am thankful for…

For a loving suportive husband

In my life this week…

Gotta take my dad to the doctor twice. Today for a diabetic shoe fitting appointment and Friday for an eye appointment. Luckily its just on the base here. No city trips.  Eric has a scout meeting Thursday night and has about half a box of candy left to sell.

Adventures in homeschooling…

The kids started school again this week. Its going well so far. They needed the break and so did I.

New creations from the kitchen…

I haven’t cooked anything this week. I tried a Speedy Mexican Skillet dinner the other night but it didn’t come out very well. I haven’t cooked since. Just not feeling it.

I am creating…

Carepackages. I am putting together carepackages to go out to family for the holidays. Cards and crafts from the kids, hot chocolate, candy canes, etc.

I am going…

To lose my mind.  Oldest is driving me nuts!


I am reading…

Sugar Queen

I am hoping…

The hot water heater gets fixed so I can have a HOT shower and I start feeling a little better.  I have been feeling some bitchy coming on.

Around my house…

John is in his room working on lessons and Eric is going through all the dirty dishes John put away last night so they can be rewashed. Eric can be a sweet helpful kids when he wants to be.

One of my favorite things…

When Eric is sweet and helpful

What’s working/not working for us…

Lessons are going great, so far!
John is not using his brain at all! Very annoying!

A few plans for the rest of the week…

Dr. appointments for dad, scouts for Eric.


I have been feeling more and more tired lately. Sleepy mostly, but kinda run down. I know I am not eatting right, Not  completely. My body is telling me something is wrong. I am just too stubborn to listen sometimes.  The las 2 nights I didn’t sleep well. I was awake after 4 hours sleep last night. It sucked.  I didn’t get out of bed either. Sometimes  its my favorite place to be. So, this morning I didn’t get up when hubby did. I just layed there hoping I would go back to sleep. Of course I didn’t, I just layed there. Even when I realized i was not going back to sleep, I just layed there. I couldn’t make myself get out of bed.  Now that I finally have I feel like shit! Not so much my body, but I feel bored, run down and starting to get depressed. Usually happens when boredom sets in and it totally SUCKS! I gotta find something to do or it will get worse.
When I get like this little things bother be, I get more bitchy, And I will snap at anything. I HATE when I am like that. Sometimes I feel so lost like I can’t figure out how to fix it.  Then I feel like I need to sink into my little hole and make everyone go away.

I need a good cleansing. I don’t know why I do that more often?! Just my stubborness showing again. *sign* I should clean out and declutter my home! That usually makes me feel better. But I can’t today cause my dad is on his way up from WF so I can take him to the DR., which doesn’t take long if I take him to the one on base, but he can be draining. I don’t feel like I can  be myself around him.  Its complicated and too long to explain.

I just need to be alone, cleanse and declutter my home and gather my thoughts.






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