Chocolate Thief

Just after going to bed last night hubby got up to check the heaters. As he’s walking past the kitchen he sees the shadow of someone in the kitchen. He stops, his heart races a little, he takes a deep breath, then sees the light from a flash light. As the light hits his eyes he can tell its our oldest in the kitchen with his flash light.

So, he flicks on the light and our teen freezes, deer in the headlights look on his face. So, hubby quickly walks over to him, scare tactics, and asks what he’s doing. Our son just stares. Hubby raises his voice and son and our son dramtically shakes his head around like hubby startled him out of a deep sleep. Then he just stares again. So Hubby taps his face a little and our son shakes his head a little like he awakened again. Finally hubby tells son to quick faking and go to bed. He returns to me and tells me all about it.

So, I call our son into our room for a talk. He was terrified. He thought he was in major trouble. It was fun to watch. LOL. After telling him repeatedly that I would not punish him “IF” he talked to me and told me the truth, he finally admitted he was pretending. And what he was sneaking around for. (I already figured it out, cause I know my boys, but wanted him to tell me)  We told him that the fake being startled awake is what gave away him faking it.  He was sneaking into the kitchen and stealing my baking chocolate. They’re just chocolate chips, and I just got a bag of chocolate chunks.  I know he has a weakness for chocolate and as soon as hubby said he was by the baking shelf, I knew what he was after. (Hubby had no clue) LOL. So, we talk about it, the whole time watching our oldest hold his breath or shake a little or barely speak cause he is scared to death I’m gonna get onto him. (I rarely spank, only when last resort. I usually yell or take things away. I don’t know why he acts so terrified…gobber)  But he tells us he spilt a little chocolate when his daddy startled him in the kitchen. So we get up and go to the kitchen. He fibbed. He took out a huge handfull, set it on the counter and had already retied the chocolate bag. He didn’t spill it, he was gonna take a butt load of chocolate.

  The dark pile in front of the bag is how much he was gonna take. I’d have trouble fitting all that in my hand, I’d have to use 2.

So, to torture him, as the right of all parents, and keep them embarring him for many, many years later we took pictures of the event. (With him recreating it, LOL)

  My crazy eyed chocolate thief!




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