Menu Monday

We started a new thing this week. I stopped planning Breakfast, Lunch and snacks for the boys. I just fill thier freezer & snack shelf with their items and they choose.

There are a few rules though. For breakfast they have a limit of 2. If its biscuits or muffins, stuff like that.

For lunch its the same. (2 corny dogs, 2 burritos) When it comes to sandwiches only 1. But for lunch they have 2 options to have as a side. Veggie chips/Apple straws or a salad. (They can only have veggie chips 4 times a week, so the other 3 they have a salad with lunch. They just get to choose which days.) But they LOVE salad so its all good. For snacks they can’t eat after 9 or just before a meal. Also they have to eat fresh fruit 2 days a week and fresh veggies 2 days. If they skip, they do it 3 times the next week. (But they both love fruit and veggies)

Also they have some frozen snacks, some store bought. They get 1 box of cereal (limited sugary) a month. They have Oatmeal to eat and raisen bread too. (On top of the breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches, pancakes and such I make them)

It might seem a bit complicated, but it works for us. They get to make their own choices. But with supervision. They are really liking it.


So, they only thing Im planning are dinners. (And what items I will make or buy for the kids meals)

Last night hubby made a Sausage Breakfast Bake.

Tonight we splurged and had Taquitos. Such as bad dinner (but we had salad with it).

Tomorrow is Pizza. Our oldest has a Troop party & awards thing for Scouts. Wednesday were attending a Holiday Party for hubby’s work (Kids will fend for their selves)

Thursday our youngest has a Pack party with food.

Friday is Crockpot Lasagna.

Saturday is Crockpot Chicken and Rice.


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