Yearly Wrap Up

Well its coming up on the end of 2012. Wow. Where did the year go? We accomplished so many things this year. Techincally OUR school year has another month in it. We school year round. Our school year ends at the end of January and begins in February.
We started the year off slow. We have mostly kept with the same curriculum throughout the year.  Which is a first. I have completely scrapped all curriculum in previous years and started fresh. But this year was pretty good. Science could have been better. At least for my youngest. I don’t think he retained as much about Chemistry as I would have liked. But he sure learned a lot from the 2 games I downloaded form Ellen Mc Henry Basement workshop.  The Periodic Table Game and Quick Six. Both kids LOVE these games.  I am liking the Great Science Adventures curriculum from Common Sensepress  a lot better. Except when it comes to copying their book. OMG! It is a huge pain in a**. Theres a Lots of Science Book for each lesson. For the life of me I can’t get it to copy correctly. Front and back of the pages. I follow the directions in the book but they aren’t right. I keeps coming out upside down. Then when I finally figure out the right way I can’t get it to line up right cause its a major pain to copy from a book that has such a stiff spine. We have given up on the Lots of Science Books and just do the lessons. My youngest is struggling with learning about Atoms, Molecules and Matter, but its not bad.

This year I have decided to stop using the History Pockets. They are great, but with the history curriculum from Homeschool in the Woods I really don’t need them.

The boys have really blossomed this year with their education. My youngest is doing so much better than he use to. He is trying to hard to be more mature.
I think scouts is helping him. But not the Cubs. I think its when he attends the Boy Scout meetings with us or the campout we went on with the Boy Scouts had a huge effect on him. I think he looks up the the Scout Master.
Cub Scouts has brought us nothing but stress, pain, and headaches since we rejoined. Cub Masters aren’t what they should be, too much drama form them, stress, and prejudging.  Yes a lot of it is directed at me.  I have been labeled a trouble maker within the scouts. And you know what, I don’t care.  When we rejoined back in May it was rocky, but we were trying. We attended the summer activities and it was good. Then I find out the Cub Master was removed for sending a dirty text to another scout adult. But he was still hanging around.  So, me with my big mouth (AND PROUD OF IT) stood and spoke out, while everyone else was just hiding in their corners. That started it. We backed away until the Boy Scouts of America reps could this pack straightened out.  So, we step back in only to find out that the old Cub Master and his family have sabotouged any chances of me or my family having a peaceful scouting experience.  They told the new Cub Master all kinds of lies about me. But, for the sake of my son I kept my head high, I went back to the newly reorganized pack and was trying to stay out of their issues. It didn’t last long. My son has been working his butt off to earn a rank he will now not even receive.  The new Cub Master has made it his mission to not like me, not acecept any advice from, an experienced and far more trained scouter than he is, and turn everything around on me. Theres poor communication in the pack and thats my fault?! What ever! He needs to take a hard look in the mirror and realize I will not be talked down to, I will not follow like one of his little sheep, and I will not be quiet. I have a voice, I have opinions and I will not be silenced by him! And my world does not revolove around scouts. Crazy ass people!
Anyways, so my son will not be around people like that.  And all his work will be wasted. Such as shame. But hopefully when he gets to Boy Scouts it will be better for him. I hope. Cubs and Boys are all connected. Scouts has a lot of messed up people in leadership positions.  and I am not one of these parents that are blinded by them. I will not put up with old fashioned thinking from these men, I will not be told how to raise my child, and I will speak up if I believe something isn’t right. They will just have to deal with it. So far thought the troop seems like it mostly has ok people. I sure hope so. My oldest has already worked so hard in such a short time.
I don’t know when my youngest will be able to go into Boy scouts. He’s only 10, and to cross from Cubs to Boys he has to have his Arrow of light (if he’s 10), age 11 or finished 5th grade. Well, he’s homeschooled!  And our school year starts in February. It would not surprise me if some of them fight it though.

Anyways, not much more than that has happened this year.  Weight Loss journey began, cooking more from scratch, learning about freezer cooking and such. Always looking to learn better ways to stretch our money and for my family to be frugal.

I so badly would love to sew and crochet. Wish I had someone to teach me. 😦





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