Deal on printer paper

This year I decided I needed to stock up on a few items with our income tax. One of the things being printer paper. Since I use so much for the kids lessons and my recipes. LOL.

I checked the price of the cases at the office stores and Sams. The price was a bit more than what I could it for at Walmart indivdually. We were at Walmart loading the buggy with about 10 reams of paper when I saw some other printer paper. Basically the same but the brightness was higher and there were 100 less sheets per package. But it was $1 less than the other. So, I pull out my phone and start playing with numbers. WE would have to buy more of the other paper to get the same amount, but we get brighter paper, and we saved $4. So, I ended up with the $2 paper, the paper is brighter and we got more sheets.

Then we get to the register and the cashier hit the enter button a fwe too many times and charged us for 17 reams instead of 13. No one caught it except hubby.  So, after I paid we looked at the reciept and counted. Showed  the cashier and instead of getting a refund on those 4 reams I just had my teen run back in and grab 4 more. We already paid for them and they would be used. So we got 17 reams of paper for $34 before tax. I was thrilled.

I think I’m good for the year. LOL


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