Curriculum Plan 2012

We school year round and since we start and end in February, its time to order curriculum again. Yea! I love this time of year!

So far I have a plan on what I am ordering this year. Things could change when I start doing the ordering, which hopefully be with in the next week or so. But for now this is what I have planned.

Both Boys– 10 Days in Africa Game Amazon $16
Civil war card game: rainbow resource $7.75
Civil Rights Movement Challenge Game on CD –Amazon used $20, new $27
Home school in the Woods: Civil war $28.95, Industrial revolution-Great Depression-$28.95, WW2- $28.95,
Books– Horrible Histories- Frightful first world war/Woeful second, USA Horrible histories, The 20th century.

Language Arts:
John– Spectrum Writing Book grade 7, Evan Moor Daily Language Review grade 8-Amazon
EricAmazon($5 each) ( Spectrum Spelling grade 4, Language Arts grade 4, Reading Grade 4, Vocabulary Grade 4, Spectrum Writing Book-3rd grade)

John– My Spanish coach- psp- $10 Hastings, Spanish, Middle / High School (The 100+ Series) Amazon-$7 NEW
Eric– My Spanish Coach-Ds-$25 game stop
Both-Quick Study-Spanish Vocabulary Flash Cards-1000 cards-Amazon $10 OR Flip Flop Spanish Flash Cards: Verde (Cards)-Amazon $12

John-Roots of English-$20 , First Form Latin-$55 (Can buy both on Amazon)
Both-English from the roots up vol. 1  (Amazon $16)

Eric: Epsilon-$65 (before tax)
Math Blaster in the Prime Adventure-$20 Amazon

John: Algebra-$85 (before Tax)


John-Books- Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe (Amazon $7-$25) (Library), NOEO Science Physics 3 ($155)
Eric– NOEO Science Physics 2 Option B($125)
Amazon-Straightforward Science Series Magnetism, Light and Color, Forces and Movement- ($9 total), What makes the light bright, Thomas Edison?(Amazon .1, Hastings $5 (1 left)) , Did it take creativity to find relativity, Albert Einstein?(Amazon .1)

Other Games:
Camp Board Game Amazon-$20, Camp Activity Book Amazon-$4

Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game, a cooperative board game Amazon-$30

ThinkFun Knot So Fast Amazon-$14


Animal Tracks  Amazon-$11

Wild Animalopoly  Amazon-$20

Nature Study! – Camp, wildcraft, animal tracks, animalopoly games- Walgreens loyalty cameras-Photography & Nature Study
(The Outdoor Hour) $30 for all 4 seasons (Saved site-blogs-homeschool)

Online Websites:
EdHelper– $20

Enchanted Learning– $20

Meet the Masters
– $30 (1 level-10-adult) 1 level per year.  I Track. Kids can share.

World’s Greatest ComposersConfession of a Homeschooler-$5.50 (Needs Worlds Greatest Composers Books, 1 per person, from Amazon)




3 thoughts on “Curriculum Plan 2012

  1. Thanks – I found it. I’ve used English from the Roots Up with my older daughter, but never looked at the Memoria Press one. Are you going to try to work the two together or finish one and then the other?

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