If you asked me 5 years ago, 10 years what my life would be like now, I wouldn’t have been able to give you an answer.  Even if I could, it certainly wouldn’t be where I am now. I have changed so much over the past 10 years, and even more over the past 5 years. Theres been lots of self discovery. Homeschooling the kids, took a few years to figure that out. Being a stay at home mom. Its unorthodox now adays, especially for older kids. Learning to budget, run a home, cook clean, make more foods from scratch. Its been an interesting journey.

Now I’m buying some items in bulk and stocking up a little, nothing like the extreme couponers, but a couple extra of the items I use on a regular basis. I have even created a storage space in my garage(which is only a one car). It already hold the bikes, hubbys tools, vacuums hubby works on, holiday decor, and so much more.
I need another frig now too. Ours is too small to hold everything. I’m trying to get a second frig. It feels so weird.
I started with nothing, knowing nothing, and not having a clue or direction in life. Now look at me.

But, I still can’t find many friends. Friends that are on the same level in life as I am. Granted I have 1 or 2. But hubby and I don’t have like a couple were real close with. Which is sad. Hubby really needs some male friends. The only friend he has is older than, but he’s single, drinks a lot and isn’t always a very nice guy. The guys hubby works with are close to his age, but all at different places in their lives. None are at the same place we are. None are family orientated and live on budget type of people. They are single, have a girlfriend or have young kids.  None of them understand when we sell the flashy after market big wheels and tires that came on our Expedition and got stock wheels with damn near brand new tires.  The big wheels were causing the supension to pop and the tires were worn. So, yeah, from a single income family, on a budget, don’t NEED after market tires, point of view, we made a great deal. But, they don’t get that cause they can spend their money on flashy cards, eatting out daily for lunch, and partying.  Different places in life.

Anyways, thats my thoughts for today. Gotta figure out what I’m gonna fix hubby for lunch when he gets home.


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