A Simple woman’s day book

Outside my window….

I looks like it will turn out to be a beautiful day


I am thinking…

About my to do list for the week…do much to do, so little time

I am thankful for…

For a loving and supportive husband

In my life this week…

 Work on lessons, the kids homeschool objectives, clean the bathroom, vacuum, Dust, wash clothes, wash bed sheets, repair my night gown, take my oldest to his scout meeting, turn in sons campership for summer camp, work on menu, do some baking, give my guys hair cuts, dye my hair & try to relax

Adventures in homeschooling…

The boys have started thier new memory work for the year. They have finished with the Declaration of Independence and have moved on to the Preamble. They will finish up the first 12 presidents this week and move on down the list learning all of them by next Feb. They will also cover the Gettysburg Address, Amendments to the Constitution, the Major Wars from  1850-present, All the state capitals, the Martin Luther King Jr speeches, and my oldest will also cover the Emancipation Proclamation, and the war time speeches of Winston Churchill. And thats just the memory work. lol.

They have been working through their new science curriculum, NOEO, and both love it so far. Its a really good curriuculum. 

They are working through their new Learning Language Arts through Literature books and my oldest will start his Algebra  1 (Math-U-See) lessons this week. Youngest will start at the end of the month. He got a little behind on his lessons. He struggled a little. 

The new Latin from Memoria Press   is working out nicely. My oldest didn’t feel he retained enough from Latina Christiana 2 so we went with First Form Latin this year instead of second. He really likes it. My youngest stuggled a lot with Prima Latina so he is using Roots of English and really enjoying it. He’s comprehending and retaining. Yea! 

History is going well, mostly. The kids enjoy the Homeschool in the Woods curriculum.  They don’t care that much for the quizes I plan for them each week over the work or craft they do. But the reason I givet them little quizes is because if I don’t they don’t always retain the info or half ass do the work. They might complete a craft but won’t be able to tell me about it. They might be assigned to read the lesson info, and they just won’t do it, so they can finish lesson quicker. They try to rush so they can play video game or get on the computer. The point isn’t to see how quickly they can half ass complete something. Its about learning and having fun learning it.

The new Nature, Artist & Composer study is going ok. I like the Artist & Compser Study better. But the Nature one is ok. Its good for them.

I have tried to up their PE a little recently. They were trying to rush through or half ass do their PE as well. Physical Education is very important. Our family has a history of over weight people. My youngest has chunked up the last year or so. He was NEVER chunky before. (I think its his body geting ready for puberty. Going through changes) My oldest is VERY fit. He is tall and slim. (I wish he would put on a little weight, but he is very healthy and eats really well. And a lot, so I don’t push it) I don’t want his health to change, so its important for him to be active too. It also helps break up the day, where they aren’t sitting, working on lessons all day. They an get up and move around. But for some reason my youngest thinks he can half ass do his PE. It really bothers that me that he can be so lazy sometimes. His PE this morning was to run around the property 3 or 4 times. Get the blood flowing. He didn’t like that his brother could run faster than him and he didn’t really want to run, so he was walking and making his brother walk with him. It really frustrates me!  I worry about him. So, I told him he had 2 choices. He could walk around 20 times or run 3 or 4. He quickly decided to run.

New creations from the kitchen…

Im gonna bake some Ham tonight, and serve it with Annies mac & cheese and steamed veggies. Yum! Tomorrow I’ll slow cook a Roast. The rest of the week I’m still working out. Its usually done by now but my dad hit up a meat sale and gave us some of the meat, so I need to work it in. LOL

I am going…

To lose my mind if I don’t get a chance to relax.

I am reading…

The secret circle book 3. I was hoping to start book 4 when I was done, but book isn’t released yet. Which I don’t understand because the version of book 3 I’m reading is old. It was first published in 1992!

I am hoping…

To get everything done on my to do list this week.

Around my house…

The boys are working on lessons

One of my favorite things…

The quiet moments in the morning

What’s working/not working for us…

My youngest can drive me nuts sometimes. I love him dearly, but he has is so argumentative and thinks he can do what he wants. He has a chore list, its the same every week, he’s use to it. He refuses to look at the list and check it off as he completes his chores. He assumes they are done or just tries to skip them without me noticing. He forgets a lot of the chores, so unless I say something, several times, it doesn’t get done. And when he does do them, sometimes its half assed. He is suppose to make his bed every morning. He never does, until I tell him 3 or 4 times. Unless I hoover, it doesn’t get done. And I don’t want to be like that. So, he has lost all allowance for a while. Why should we reward him for chores he half ass does, when he does them.
And his lessons. He gets a printout and is suppose to follow what it says. The subjects are in order. And are suppose to be completed in that order. The reason theres an order to it, is because if there wasn’t he would jump all over doing one thing in one lessons, then another in another lessons, back and forth. When he does that it is so unorganized and he skips things. Also there a few things the boys do together. I have it planned where it is conveinent for both. At first they would “try” to work out a time that was good for the during the day and do those lessons. But, one would be ready and the other not. Or my youngest walk into his brothers room and tell his brother it was time to do those lessons together. No communication. So, I planned it for first thing in the morning. It worked briefly, until my youngest started waking earlier than his brother and had to wait or start another lesson. (They both have to be up by 8:30. But youngest would wake before that). So, this week I moved to after lunch. So it works for everyone. My youngest doesn’t even bother to read his lessons. Well, he reads them long enough to see what he needs to do with his brother than starts setting it up and just tells his brother to come do the lessons “now”. So, he gets a lecture about assuming thing, “again”.
He also has this habit of walking into a room and just starts talking. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing. I can on the phone, on the computer or watching TV. He just walks in and starts talking. We have been working on correcting that for months. It doesn’t make it any less annoying.
And finally, his mouth. He thinks he has to have the last word or prove his point, even when he’s wrong, which he usually is. If he try to disapline him, talk to him, whatever he has a comment. He is blaming someone else, turning around on someone else, etc. Today he said he needed his spelling words put on spelling city so he could do his lessons. I told him they were already on there I just needed to sign him in. He procedes to tell me they aren’t on there. The last date was Feb. 27th (I name the lists by the week). So, I try to tell him I put them on yesturday and all he says is “O”, until he actually sees them. REALLY!
Or his dad will get on to him and tell him to stop doing something, My youngest feels the need to run his mouth. Not all back talking like a teenager, just like he’s explaining or trying to worm his way out of trouble or prove his point. He thinks he’s an adult and can say or do what he wants. But its very disrespectful.
I just can’t get him to understand his actions. I have tried talking to him, spankings for the things he does, etc. I just don’t know whatt o do with him sometimes. I feel so lost.



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