4-H Robotics Curriculum

4-H Robotics Curriculum


Youth explore and learn about robot arms. Concepts covered include pnuematics, arm designs, and three-dimensional space. Big ideas include form and function, scientific habits of mind, and engineering design.
Youth are challenged to build robots from everyday items. None of the levels require or use computers. Youth will use their Robotics Notebook to record their learning experiences, robotic designs and data from their investigations.

In order to complete the program, each student needs a 4-H Robotics Youth Notebook ($5.95). The notebook is used to record ideas, collect data, draw designs, and take notes on their projects. Along with the main curriculum books, they also supply facilitator resources (Free pdf downloads) as well to help you teach through the lessons in the notebooks and help with supply ideas.


I learned about this from Confessions of a Homeschooler. This looks really cool. And affordable!




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