A Simple woman’s day book


Outside my window….

 It rained last night and we apparently had some wind too. We have a small canapy on the back porch. One side is tied to the house the other is staked just off the porch. With the wind last night I apparently got lifted up, both staked were pulled out the ground and 2 of the 4 legs grabbed hold of something for dear life. LOL. One leg was wrapped in a plant shelf and the other was in the arm hole of our plastic back porch chairs. It was a funny sight.  

I am thankful for…

 Family & Friends

In my life this week…

Tomorrow is back to lessons for the kids. It was a busy week off, like always. We got a lot of cleaning done, but I wish the kids got more down time. They need to relax too.

Adventures in homeschooling…

 Next week Eric will finish up around the world in 80 days, and John will start reading Little House in the Big Woods. They will pan for gold, learn about 5 trails from the West, Finish up Van Gogh, learn about 3 states and much more…

New creations from the kitchen…

 I had a whole menu planned for the month, but its getting scrapped. We need something new, fresh and full of flavor!

I am reading…

Dark Visions by L.J. Smith

 I am thinking…

I have a lot on my mind right now. And not just the kids lessons, the menu, my to do list for the day, but more. The drama from my hs group. Sometimes I can be outspoken and speak up against something thats wrong, but when it comes to confronting someone I can’t get my words out. I don’t like hurting peoples feelings. And trying to tell someone they’re a rude person is soooo not easy.  Well I had to deal with that this week. I tried as nicely as I could to tell someone they were rude and disrespectful and had to remove them from the hs group. I should have said something to them before now. But, I wasn’t put in a position where it was a neccessity until now. I shouldn’t have allowed them to become a member of the hs group and maybe I wouldn’t have had to deal with this drama. IDK. I tried to forget it, and just deal with the person, but I couldn’t. And because I couldn’t it turned into drama. Its pretty much resolved and shes gone away, but her emails and implications that she was sitting around with other hs moms talking about me and creating their own ugly opinions of me has really stuck. I have been trying to figure out who would act like that. Who would stoop to that level and act like they were in highschool and gossip about someone and start making up “reasons” or “illinesses” that I could have just because I don’t like someone based on their rude behavior. My God people, really. I just can’t deal with people like that. And I really can’t deal with it if there are moms in the hs group who will show up and be all friendly then go home and talk about me behind my back. Its created that dought and distrust in me. But, I like the moms in our group. They are all sweet and cool.  They seem like great people. So, I’m gonna choose to believe that this person is not talking about any of the secular groups members and maybe the other hs groups members. I have to trust someone.
I’ve also been reading and rereading the emails from this person and really thinking about their words. Is this how they really see me? Is this what they think of me? Is that how I really act? Goddess I hope not! I think about anything I need to work on or change to be a better person. In the end I do see some areas of improvement, but thats nothing new. I am always trying to change any negative qualitilies I have and be a better person. Its so hard and I don’t always get it right, but I am trying.
Then I get pissed thinking about all the labels she has placed on me through her emails. I am so sick and tired of labels. If I have a day where I am a bit depressed than I obviously have issues and need to ask for help and go to Taliaferra. REALLY?!OMG! Who doesn’t have a bad day once in a while? Who doesn’t get overwhelmed with cooking, cleaning, lessons, raising kids, kids activities, budgeting, grocery shopping, organizing and about 50 other things?  Somedays I’m just tired and need a break, does that mean I’m lazy? Its like no one can do anything without having a label thrown on them or assumptions made about them. My God People!
Fighting against society isn’t easy. Trying to be different, trying to follow your heart and doing what you know is right is so hard when society sees things differently and says you are suppose to do things a certain way. Two adults HAVE to work these days, OMG I homeschool my kids (what about their socialization) really people thats all school is for. Socializtion.
Or Boyscouts. My oldest is in boyscouts. I understand the whole teaching the boys to think for themselves and handle their business, but just because they’re 13, 14 or whatever does not mean I am done raising them. It does not mean they don’t still need guidance.  It also doesn’t mean because you are in a leadership position that you get to act like a bitch! If I am handing you my sons choices for merit badges for summer camp, don’t ignore me then finally, rudely tell me you won’t accept anything from me, it has to be handed to you from my son! Really! Do you not know how rude and disrespectful you are? You don’t disrespect a parent and you certainly don’t expect to be able to just ignore them completely just because thier son is a Boy Scout. I don’t think thats the kind of behavior an adult in a leadership position should be presenting to young boys!
Anyways, that was my little rant. lol. I just got all this going through my head at the same time, trying to work out the best course of action. The most mature course of action. Its not easy when dealing with people like that. This is why I don’t like people. I just want to crawl into my little bubble and get away from these people. But, I can’t do that. So, I have to figure out how to handle it. And be a strong person and stand up for my beliefs.

I am hoping…

 The amount of drama in my life at the moment will die down and I get back to focusing on my family!

Around my house…

 Hubby is playing the XBOX and kids are still sleeping. Its a bit after 9. I think I’ll let them sleep a bit longer before waking them. Teens need more sleep. LOL.

One of my favorite things…

 Quite time

 What’s working/not working for us…

 Lessons are working well, I’m excited for the boys to get to do the Junk Drawer Robotics.  I need to adjust our menu to suit our tastes at the moment. And the drama creators need to go away!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…


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