A Simple woman’s day book

Outside my window….

 Looks like it might be a nice day, hopefully not as hot as it has been…

I am thinking…

 About my day, my to do list…

Around my house…

Youngest is already awake and ready to start the day. He has completed his Nature Study before breakfast and is now working on his Math. Oldest stayed up late last night to catch up on his lessons. He wouldn’t have time this weekend with the weekend super busy.

I am reading…

 Dark Visions by L.J. Smith (Its a 3 books in one kind of a book. I’ve finished the first book, and should be almost finished with the second)

I am hoping…

For a peaceful day, no stress,  completing my to do list

New creations from the kitchen…

NOTHING! Our meals SUCK right now! We are so bored with the meals, I’ve gotta find something different and better for us.

In my life this week…

 The week has been stressful. Being treasurer in the Troop is stressing me out, dealing with irrational people, the boys are arguing constantly, oldest is starting to get some teenage attitude, I’ve been dealing with a migraine for a week, been too tired to do anything, not sleeping great, and all that is weighting down on me. I’m trying so hard to crawl my way back up, but its just not working right now. We all need a good reboot! We’re taking 2 weeks OFF!

Adventures in homeschooling…

 The boys lessons are going well. They are retaining more than I could have imagined. We wrapped up The Early 19th Century this week.  In two week we will start the Civil War. They are reading the Little House in the big woods, and will continue that series for a bit. Eric’s spelling and language arts skills are coming along quite nicely, but John’s writting is still aweful! They are both still LOVING their science.  Found a great geography curriculum yesturday, Map Trek, that we will hopefully incorporate into the lessons in two weeks.
Also, in their homeschooling group they will start a Junk Drawer Robotics Curriculum

What’s working/not working for us…

 Lessons are going well, yeah! But the boys are arguing constantly. I don’t know if theres too much stress in the house, they aren’t getting enough exercise with their PE or what it is. Maybe its the teen and preteen hormones going haywire.  All I know is,  it’s driving me crazy! OMG!  They have got to stop this shit soon.

I had a migraine for a week. Chiropractor couldn’t fix it, hospital counldnt fix it, it finally just went away.  I haven’t been sleeping or eatting well. I’m stressed out and in need of a break! The boys were only suppose to have 1 week off, but now they are getting 2. We all need it. We need to relax and unwind. This actually works out well. If they had lessons next week they would be starting a new period in History, learn about it a week then have a week off. With giving them an extra week,  they will start a new period on History after the 2 week break, start a new book in LA, and we should be all rested and ready to start fresh again. If the boys and I finish our zone chores next week, then the following week, when there daddy is on vacation from work and home all day, we can focus on family activities all that week! It will be some much needed family time.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…



3 thoughts on “A Simple woman’s day book

  1. Love your blog! I read every entry!

    About the meals: Are you looking for ideas? Here are a few, if you aren’t interested in ideas please ignore!
    1. Teach the kids to cook. Doesn’t matter if they are boys, boys make great chefs. Start with basic skills. My 11 year old makes pizza from scratch every Friday. He makes it with healthy ingredients too. I started teaching him how to cook last summer. He loves the independence cooking give him.
    2. Read food blogs for inspiration. I have a few favorites. Even if I don’t actually make the food, somehow my creativity is inspired. The food pins at Pinterest are fun too.
    3. Watch cooking shows with the kids. We got hooked on one, and actually made a couple of the meals. This week, my son watched a cooking show, learned to butterfly chicken, and helped me make last night’s dinner.
    4. Start a new cooking “thing.” Examples are “Fix it and forget it crockpot,” “Once a month cooking,” “Frozen assets,” whatever. Even if you only do it once, it will liven things up in the kitchen. I want to get a dehydrator and play with that for a while. It doesn’t have to change the way you cook forever, but it might bring a refreshing change.
    5. Have special food nights. Like, “raw vegan night,” or Indonesian night,” or whatever. Once a week is good. We like to link international foods with geography lessons.
    6. Join a food co-op. If there is a Bountiful Baskets in your area, give it a try. Bountiful Baskets has been saving us money, not because the produce is necessarily cheaper than the grocery store, but because it keeps me out of the grocery store, and we made a commitment to eat all of the produce and not let it spoil, which means we eat healthier. We’ve been making lots of great meals with all that fresh produce.
    7. Visit farmer’s markets with the kids. The people at the farmer’s markets often want to talk to you about their produce, how they grew it etc. The kids can learn all sorts of things there, and you can bring back foods that you are looking forward to trying.

  2. Thanks for the great ideas. I will deinately try them. I LOVE pinterest and have tons of Pins for cooking. I try to make a lot of stuff from scratch, but end up wearing myself out.

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