Homemade Vanilla Extract

I found a cool recipe on Pinterest for making homemade Vanilla Extract.  It looked simple and pretty cool. So, I went to Walmart to look for Vanilla Beans.  They only had 1 brand and it was $10 for 2 beans!  And they were out. So I checked Amazon after another homschooling mom said she buys herbs and all that on Amazon. I found them on Amazon and got 7 beans for only $5 (with shipping) So, I ordered them and will make any future Vanilla Beans Orders from Amazon as well!
I finally got the Vodka and got my very first Vanilla Extract started!


1 glass bottle with lid, washed with hot, soapy water
1-2 cups of vodka, depending on the size of your bottle
2 vanilla beans


Grab your vanilla beans.

And your sterilized bottle.

Be sure to pick a bottle that’s tall enough to fit your vanilla beans.

Insert the vanilla beans into your bottle.

Set a funnel in the mouth of the bottle.

Pour in the vodka.

Fill the bottle just to about the top.

Cap your bottle tightly and give it a shake. You should see little flecks of vanilla happily floating around in the vodka.

Now you wait. Keep your extract on the counter in a cool, dark place (it doesn’t need to go in the fridge). Shake your vanilla extract every few days. It should be ready to use in about 6-8 weeks. If you want to speed up the process, use more vanilla beans.

As time passes, your extract will get darker and stronger.

Once you start using it, replenish it from time to time with fresh vanilla beans and more vodka.


*I am so excited to see how this comes out. After 1 night the bottom of the bottle was getting darker.


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